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  • Importance Of Beauty Pageants

    Beauty Pageants are a way girls can learn important life skills while also having fun. It’s a way to learn the difference between winning and losing and also gaining friendships, not even just in beauty pageants, all other different types of pageants such as rodeo queen pageants and “natural pageants” girls are able to learn more about themselves. Beauty pageants give girls additional skills that they can use in their life growing up. From competing it gives them more confidence, develops social skills, poise and personality. In beauty pageants there are many different values that women can learn from and use to better herself in her careers in the future. Some may believe that these values are not good enough for beauty pageants and that…

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  • The Controversy Of Beauty Pageants

    Pageants it’s a 5 billion dollar industry, 5,000 pageants for children, and 250,000 kids around the world participating. (Children pageants 1). Pageants are becoming bigger and bigger each year not only for children but for women as well. Pageants are both loved as well as looked down upon. Pageants are changing in kids and how they look at themselves but both children and women enjoy doing them. Its there . Since the begging of beauty pageants they have been an issue in the united states and…

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  • Child Beauty Pageants Beneficial

    Are Beauty Pageants Beneficial To Little Girls? “Child beauty pageants have gained in popularity in recent years, currently more than 5,000 child beauty are held annually in the U.S. amounting to a $5 billion industry”(Children and Beauty Pageants). Beauty pageants were introduced to the American society in the 1920’s but didn’t begin until the 1960’s. The contestants receive money, crowns, and scholarships and, on top of that they also learn self-confidence. Even though there are benefits to…

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  • Child Beauty Pageants Negative

    Child Beauty Pageants: Positive or Negative? Nick Sipes 8-16-16 The child beauty pageant, one of the most controversial topics in our modern day world. Some say they have positive benefits, such as improvements to social skills, whereas others say It is downright horrible for children to participate due to the drawbacks, such as immense cost. I stand with the cons of child beauty pageants for a variety of reasons. The number of bad seem to far outweigh the acclaimed “positive effects” on…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

    How Beauty Pageants Effect Children and Women Why do girls find beauty pageants so important to their social status and popularity? For the longest time, girls have competed from ages new born all the way up to their twenties in beauty contests. Most of the time, it’s the parents who get them first started in the industry, but the amount of money and time they spend on pageants is ridiculous! Why is it so important for girls to win contests for beauty, and not for their true selves? Beauty…

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  • Child Beauty Pageants

    There is nothing wrong with little girls wearing cute pink dresses and walking down a stage to perform a few adorable stunts or tricks. However, there is everything wrong when these actions could potentially lead to long term damages in young girls. And therein lies the problem with child beauty pageants. They have the potential to create long term issues for the many of the female children who are asked to participate in them. This is the stance that “Toddlers and Tiaras” takes regarding the…

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  • Essay On Child Beauty Pageants

    For many years child beauty pageants have been part of the American community, likely why so many parents think these pageants are appropriate for children. Today, approximately 5,000 beauty contests are being held annually across the nation, with about 250,000 participants (Casstevens). However, as the popularity of the pageant industry increases, fewer parents are questioning the safety of their children. Child beauty contests try to show the public that the girls are having fun dressing up as…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Child Beauty Pageants

    Beauty pageants are viewed on television nationwide in America. It is a tradition for many pageant-based families. Researchers have stated in several ways how beauty pageants affect young viewers and people that are contestants. Beauty pageants affect the contestants by robbing them of their childhood, making the child self-conscious, and creating a false standard of beauty. The Pageant world annihilates childhood for each contestant. It forces the child to grow up too fast and skip a part…

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  • Child Beauty Pageant Analysis

    Communication and author of award-winning “Fatlash! Food Police & the Fear of Thin,” reveals the perspective of the child beauty pageant craze as she was once a “Little Miss Pageant” Princess. Kataline explains how detrimental the pageant world was on herself and her relation to the world as many…

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  • Child Beauty Pageants Essay

    Beauty pageants have become a staple in American culture. Winners of pageants such as Miss America are icons, representations of the ideal woman, and positive role models for young girls. So society says. More recently, however, a new type of pageant has increased in popularity to the point of being considered a national phenomenon. These pageants are just as glitzy, and the competition is just as fierce; the only difference is that these contestants are the miniature model. They are child…

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