Sergei Diaghilev

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  • Vaslav Nijinsky Accomplishments

    However, his ballet pieces wasn't always widely accepted by the audience and caused controversy. The productions Jeux and L'après-midi d'un faune had sexually suggestive scenes--one involved a flirtatious interation between three male dancers. During production, Sergei Diaghilev suggested that the interaction would be between two females and one male dancer but Nijinsky continued with his idea. Also, his production Till Eulenspiegel received negative reactions from the audience because they didn’t agree with the foreign style of dance and…

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  • Stravinsky Accomplishments

    After the success of The Firebird, which effectively established Stravinsky as one of the greatest Russian composers of his time, Diaghilev resolved to continue his partnership with Stravinsky; first through Petrushka, then The Rite of Spring. While the first two ballets told fantastical tales of a fictional Russia, including mythical creatures and living puppets, The Rite of Spring was a more ambitious approach: attempting to tell the gritty reality of a pagan, more primitive Russia. In order…

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  • Essay On Ballet Russes

    From the 20th Century Russian Ballet expanded exponentially with the help of advocates such as Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes. The ballet Russes produced many works Petroukcha is a Russian ballet which is first performed in 1911 choreographed by Michael Fokine. Fokine saw to it that many “key” principles of the classical ballet style abandoned to portray a tormented puppet named Petrouchka. The story takes place at a Russian spring fair in Admirality Square, St Petersburg. The story…

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  • Vaganova Syllabus

    1. Who created the syllabus and why? a. The Vaganova syllabus was created by Russian dancer Agrippina Vaganova. b. She created this syllabus with her backgrounds in French, Italian, and Russian techniques, time spent at the Imperial Ballet School and years of experience. The syllabus was designed as a refined way of teaching and training. 2. Where did it begin? a. The syllabus began in Russia during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Vaganova Academy wasn’t always the Vaganova Academy; it…

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  • George Balanchine: Great Effervescence Of Ballet

    "neoclassical", the revamped classical tradition within the greatest respect for the glorious past. It all began at the Imperial School in 1914, where he graduated seven years later. He debuted as a choreographer in 1923 with a small group of dancers, including Alexandra Danilova and in the following year, he founded his company called "The Dancers of the Russian State" by foreign incursion which fled to the West. In 1924, in Germany, he defected from the Soviet regime and fled to Paris, the…

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  • The Evil Ballet: Von Rothbart's Swan Lake

    Kaylea Erwin Von Rothbart’s evil spell Swan Lake ballet happened to be Tchaikovsky’s first ballet that he had ever done, and which is turned out to be one awesome ballet. Swan Lake was a timeless and outstanding story that has magic, romance, and tragedy all into four different acts of the show. Prince Siegfried was the swan princess who was named Odette. Odette enjoyed her days as a swan swimming by the lake that was full of tears under the spell of sorcerer. As it is in most fairy tail…

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  • Coppelia Essay

    For this assignment i have chosen two dance production, coppelia and Poetry in Dance. Coppelia is based on a story by E.T.A. Hoffman. It is a three-act ballet that tells the light-hearted story of the mysterious Dr Coppélius who owns a beautiful life-sized mechanical doll. The show had original choreography by Arthur St. Léon, Coppélia is staged with additional choreography by Janek Schergen. The second performance that i had watched was a Chinese dance from Poi Ching School, Hwa Chong…

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  • Classical Ballet Essay

    Historically Paris finds a new art scene after the war which is incorporated into the set, narrative, and ballet. Within in the story there are three ballets, one at the beginning reflecting Paris after tragedy; a panorama of dark streets with breadlines. The second concluding act I, is to Gershwin’s second rhapsody and connects the charterers’ narratives together. The largest is the finale piece. They wanted to ballet to be a part of the narrative and made it a collaborative effort between the…

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  • Louis XIV: Learning About The Dance Of Ballet

    For this submission I decided to choose to learn more about the dance of Ballet. I’m not really a big dance person, but the dance of ballet has always intrigued me because of how beautiful and elegant it is. Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy. It started out as a dance used at balls and social gatherings. Ballet was the acceptable way and proper etiquette at these social gatherings. There were a lot of rules that went along with it, such as when and how to bow, step, and the distance from…

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  • Dun Huang Dance History

    Dun Huang is a city in the Gansu Province of western China, and was one of the key cities on the “Silk Road”, the main trade route between China and the rest of Asia and Europe. Dun Huang is famous for many things, including its caves, which are a famous example of Buddhist art. Silk Road style dance, also known as “Dun Huang Dance”, was inspired by the art inside of those famous caves. The origin of Ballet dance can be traced to the 15th century Italian Renaissance courts, and later developed…

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