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  • Unrealistic Beauty Contests

    By using a beautiful girl to advertise their products, companies send out the message that women must look like beauty pageant contestants in order to be beautiful. These companies lead women to believe that they need to use their products in order to look as beautiful as the girls in beauty contests. It is repulsive way for companies to fulfill their desires and financial profits. In addition, beauty contests are a way for companies to use the winner’s skills to their advantage. The author of an article that talks about the marketing behind beauty contests states, “... the winners of Miss Universe usually become a certain product’s ambassador such as You C 1000 or Avon Cosmetics.” (Sungkar) The negative impact of using the winner’s skills for advertising purposes is that the winner could be using her public speaking skills to raise awareness for serious world issues such as poverty. However, most businesses are more concerned about raising awareness for serious world issues. Although beauty contests may help some of the contestants develop good public speaking skills, the reality of the situation is that those skills will go to waste in helping large corporations earn a fortune. Therefore, beauty contests exist for marketing purposes because businesses use the contestants’ looks and skills for their own selfish…

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  • Beauty Factory Essay

    Venezuelan culture. So much so that, if you ask any Venezuelan girl what she wants to be when she grows up, she is very likely to respond, "una miss”. As seen in the documentary, in Venezuela it is very easy to find beautiful women in all places, of any race and social class, and it is not uncommon for there to be as many modeling academies because as I mentioned before, many little girls dream of being misses. But, how much do these participants really go through or sacrifice to achieve their…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

    first started off in the pageant world , she didn’t have the best experience. She was good, but she was being bullied by other girls in her age group of competing. They made an “Anti-Natalie” campaign and were never nice. Even though Natalie suffered this bullying, she says she grew from it. She competed in Miss America, and said that with the help of Miss America she created self goals for herself and it encouraged her to to chase her educational dreams (Stern n.p.). With Natalie being one of…

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  • Miss USA Pageant

    Many teen girls dream of modeling in beauty pageants; on a down side, the public has chosen to say beauty pageants sexualize women. However, this is false for the Miss USA Pageant. The Miss USA Pageant doesn’t sexualize women for the reason of having interviews on girl’s personalities, judging on confidence, and how the girls present themselves. The judges mostly look at the girl’s personality. At the beginning of the pageant, each contestant gives the judges a bio about themselves; with…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Toddlers And Tiaras

    Brain, and at least 72 percent of contestants hire a pageant coach like Kim Gravel, often at a cost of $100 or more an hour, sometimes three sessions a week. Families have to pay for hair and makeup (about $250 an hour), a spray tan ($75), and a wig or extensions ($200). Pageants also charge an entry fee that can be from $300 to $500. Sometimes the child will need additional outfits for the interview portion, rehearsals, swimsuit competition, shoes, and jewelry. Miss America, which is not…

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  • Donald Trump's Make America Great Again

    no relationship with Serge and did not know about his disability but the reporter countered with a statement that he had already interviewed Trump twelve times and, at one point, was even on a first name basis with him. This Republican candidate has also insulted prisoners of war by refusing to call them, especially Senator John McCain, war heroes despite the torture that they have to endure at the hands of the enemy. However, the most salient of his bigoted views have been directed towards…

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  • The Negative Impact Of Beauty Pageants On Young Children

    The everyday life of a child consists of being able to play, laugh, have fun and be with their friends. The innocence of a child is like nothing else and childhood can be referred as the best times of a person’s life considering they didn’t worry much. The Beauty Pageant Industry can destroy a child’s chance to live a carefree lifestyle by bringing health risks while damaging their self-image as well as exploiting the child. Beauty pageants are very well known due to “Miss USA” and “Miss…

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  • The Importance Of Donald Trump's Approach To Politics

    Trump has referred to women as “ugly”, “slobs”, and “pigs” (14). This colloquial and derogatory language use by Trump has led to slipping poll numbers with women. According to a recent poll, Trump is down twenty- four points to Hillary for the vote of women (14). This is catastrophic considering that Trump has been behind in this category since day one. In order to fix Trump’s issue of slipping poll numbers in some groups, he needs to be more careful with his word choice. Although Trump may…

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  • Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned Research Paper

    Children beauty pageants are common in lots of countries started from South America and they have lots of watchers including children and teenagers. Competitors in these pageants are usually blonde and they have blue eyes. Even if they do not have blue eyes, beautiful teeth, tanned skin or blonde hair, they use contact lenses, fake hairs and teeth, spray bronzers and makeup. Children watch them on television while competitors are displaying themselves with their makeup and inconvenient clothes…

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  • Little Boy Crying Poem Analysis

    How are the different perspectives of parents and children explored in the two poems? In ‘Girl’ and in ‘Little Boy Crying’, Jamaica Kincaid and Mervyn Morris both poems use the perspective of the parents in the poem to convey the message that they are giving. Both the mother and the father are giving advice to their children under different conditions. Kincaid’s mother gives her practical and helpful advice that will help her daughter keep her own house, while Morris talks about the emotions…

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