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  • Essay On Bi-Vocational Missionary

    Working in the city is not out of the question however. It simply requires a different set of skills. If a bi-vocational missionary were interested in working in a city he or she would need a technical skill. Some of these technical skills include medical training, technology, business, education, and social work. For example nurses are always needed and what better way to share the gospel than by healing the sick. Many technology and business firms often have branches in foreign countries that would facilitate a missionary to both share the Gospel and still make a living. If the missionary lived in the U.S. they would have a job and an opportunity to share Christ, why not do the same things in China, or Korea or another of the many “industrial” cities in the world? (Hoke and Taylor, 193) Another option for self-sustainability is micro loans. Many missions’ organizations such as the International Pentecostal Holiness Church are starting programs for indigenous Christians who wish to make a bigger impact in their community. These small business loans create a number of opportunities for the recipient. They get the chance to lift themselves out of poverty by having a steady income, which fosters a sense of independence, to form relationships with the people in their community and therefore chances to share the Gospel,…

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  • Influences On The Relationship Between Christianity And China

    Because of the political, social, and cultural reasons, Christianity did not have great influence in China. In the recent several hundred years, especially in the 1800s and 1900s, a lot of missionaries from the States and Great Britain came to China to share the gospel with Chinese people by building hospitals, schools, and churches. The missionaries not only heal people, providing education for children, but also provide food and living places for a lot of people in need. My home church in…

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  • Babylonian Religion

    created the heavens and the earth but quickly the earth turned sour. The man he had created turned to sin even while in paradise but God was not caught off guard. God had a plan to reach a people dying from sin and that plan was Missions. So God sent the first missionary. The missionary did all the things missionaries do, he preached, taught, and he prayed for people and they were healed. Often as the missionary was out in public people would flock to him. Quickly he would be surrounded by a…

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  • Mission Trip To Christianity

    churches offer free meals or events for everyone to show the hospitality of Christians. It is important to welcome newcomers and care about them. However, though it is safe to stay inside of the church and have connections with the brothers and sisters in the church, Jesus command all of us to make disciples of all nation. It is not necessary to go to another country or even another continent to share God’s love like a lot of missionaries do, but beginning to communicate with non-Christian…

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  • Whitman Massacre Analysis

    Facing the continuing decline of their population Native Americans called upon neighboring missionaries to aid them. This turning away from traditions was an added challenge to medicine men and traditional culture. Native Americans understood that European medicine came with the expectation of an earnest study of Christianity. Missionaries initially welcomed the desperate natives who were willing to study whichever religion in exchange for medical aid. In Oregon, the Whitman massacre is one…

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  • Religion And Cults Analysis

    According to Hayward, religion serves three different types of functions such as personal, social, and ecological. Hayward also explains about the term cults, which refers to a variation of christianity away from orthodoxy. Furthermore, there are four different types of cult such as individualistic, shamanistic, communal, and ecclesiastical. An organized system of religious beliefs always refers to a cult. Hayward mentions about some christian anthroplogical questions. Often, these questions…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mission

    It was a typical warm and humid day in central Florida. There was a storm for-cast as usual, there was never a day without one. I sat there in my Mission President’s office waiting for my appointment with him. I had just gotten examined by the mission nurse and things were not looking good for my case of staying on my mission. My diagnosis was a severe case of Psoriasis, the most severe that the Missionary Department in Salt Lake City had ever seen in all the years of operation. Approximately…

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  • Samuel Escobar Theology Approach: Holy Spirit And The Bible

    Schleiermacher theology of human beings share some common light as Escobar, Schleiermacher believes that the believer gets their knowledge from the Bible and they live by it through self-experience. The Vatican II movement has become into the movement of mission work. Pope Francis where the first to come global, he has set an example of what the contemporary mission is all about. Escobar and his missionary movement has reached many religion (Roman 8:14 -17). Escobar believes the Spirit of God…

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  • Christian Mission Purpose

    There are many facets in the gem known as missions; the most obvious and difficult of these is that of determining where to go and how to finance that endeavor. Prayer and obedience to the Spirit are necessary on determining where God would have a prospective missionary go. As unfortunate as it is, money is needed for any planned mission trip or sustaining any established work. A call is given to all believers to preach the Gospel; some are called to pastor or evangelize neighbors and others are…

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  • Lesslie Newbigin Chapter Summary

    the church. He was born in 1909, in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. He attended Leighton Park, a Quaker boarding school, and Queen’s College in Cambridge. He was involved in evangelistic endeavors, and in 1930, at a Student Christian Movement (SCM) gathering experienced a call to ordained ministry. After completing his degree, Newbigin was employed as staff secretary for the SCM. His training for ministry was obtained at Westminster College. At the age of twenty-six he was ordained by the…

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