Lewis and Clark Expedition

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  • Clark Expedition: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark expedition Students Name Institutional affiliation Introduction Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He took office in 1801 when most people lived within 50 miles of the Atlantic Ocean.Peolpe had little knowledge of the Western part of the country. It was only the French traders, fur trappers, Spannish and British explorers. I t was Thomas Jefferson’s dream to send explorers to North America before he became the president. President Thomas Jefferson on January 18, 1803 drafted a letter to Congress. He wanted $ 2500 to fund an expedition to the Pacific Ocean. His hopes were establishing trade with the people of the west who were Native Americans. By these he hoped to find a water route to…

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  • The Impacts Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    the Lewis and Clark expedition was a monumental juncture in American history – the lands that they explored more than two hundred years ago are today home to millions of Americans. However, at the time, most Americans had only a faint conception of what genuinely existed west of their homes. They could not have imagined the spectacular lands of the Pacific coast, territory that would become, arguably, the nation 's most highly sought-after within 50 years. However, this dream would never have…

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  • The Differences And Implications Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    class a writer would take in their life they will encounter having to do research. Finding information for a topic is not as simple as searching a topic and finding the easiest available. There is a level of complexity to finding appropriate and reliable sources that will be accepted by any professor. Primary sources, although are sometimes harder to find, are a great place to get information because of the simple fact that they are guaranteed to be reliable and relevant. Secondary sources…

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  • Significance Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition is most commonly known as the exploration that led to the westward expansion of the United States of America. William Clark is highly under-credited for his role as one of the two explorers on the trip with most of the credit given to Meriwether Lewis. William Clark is responsible for the making of maps along the journey, especially his master map of the West. Without the detailed maps that Clark created, there would have been a delay in westward expansion in an…

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  • Purpose Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Meriwether Lewis was a great American explorer and Thomas Jefferson’s private secretary. He is most well known for playing a major role in the Lewis and Clark expedition with fellow explorer William Clark in 1804. The purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to explore the Louisianan territories after Thomas Jefferson had bought the territory from Napoleon. During the expedition, Lewis and Clark found valuable resources such as the Missouri River, the most dependable water communication…

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  • History: Impact Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    How did the Lewis and Clark expedition impact the United States? Starting with the birth of the United States, waterways were essential for trade, communication, transportation, and the formation of colonies. With the Louisiana Purchase under way, colonizing the west became a large priority due to the many resources and opportunities it held. In 1803, under the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, the United States purchased a large sum of land from France which was known as the Louisiana…

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  • Meriwether Lewis Role In The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Meriwether Lewis is an American explorer who is known for his role as leader in the Lewis and Clark expedition. He was also the governor of the Louisiana Territory. He was also Jefferson’s private secretary, these two were close friends. Since Jefferson trusted Lewis, he let Lewis travel to D.C to deliver Jefferson’s classified information. During the Lewis’s travel to Washington, he visited Robert Grinder’s Inn to rest but while he was there he died. The death was murder by conspiracy. In…

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  • Consequences Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark are known for completing a harrowing journey into the unknown regions of the United States and returning with a wealth of knowledge. The expedition proved to be a valuable asset in paving the way for western expansion in the United States. Unfortunately for the hundreds of thousands of Native Americans living in the West, the exploration spawned the notion of Manifest Destiny, a philosophy that American citizens were entitled to the land stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the…

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  • The Importance Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    instructed Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to conduct an expedition which was intended to prepare the way for extending the American fur trade as well as advancing geographical knowledge. The distinctive accomplishments of Lewis and Clark’s expedition led to one of the most successful explorations to date. This paper will describe the importance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition along with the expansion and growth of the United States. Jefferson formulated a plan for collecting information…

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  • What Is The Similarities Between The Lewis And Clark Journey

    Maggy McGraw Montana History Reading Response One Lewis and Clark’s Journey in Comparison to Prince Maximilian of Wied’s One of America’s first treks into the West was the Lewis and Clark expedition. The men’s journey brought about new discoveries for America. It also inspired other other explorers to go and visit the West. One of the said explorers was Prince Maximilian of Wied. The prince’s main goal for his expedition was to collect a variety of specimen from the West. By looking at each…

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