Clark Expedition: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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Lewis and Clark expedition

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Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He took office in 1801 when most people lived within 50 miles of the Atlantic Ocean.Peolpe had little knowledge of the Western part of the country. It was only the French traders, fur trappers, Spannish and British explorers. I t was Thomas Jefferson’s dream to send explorers to North America before he became the president.
President Thomas Jefferson on January 18, 1803 drafted a letter to Congress. He wanted $ 2500 to fund an expedition to the Pacific Ocean. His hopes were establishing trade with the people of the west who were Native Americans. By these he hoped to find a water route to
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In 1786 when he was a minister in France, he crafted a plan to aid American explorer John Ledyard to travel toward the east across Siberia, navigate his ship safely to a specific point on the western coast of North America, then traverse the east part of the continent. In 1784 Jefferson brought forward to the congress the Ordinance of 1784. This put in place a principle that new states could be created from the western territories and they were able to join the union on equal terms with other established states.
In 1751, Joshua fry and peter Jefferson finished their map of the densely populated part of Virginia consisting the whole province of Maryland which was among the initial maps of Virginia created from Actual surveys. Afterwards in 1753, the Loyal Company executed an expedition of Missouri River LED BY Thomas walker but they had to put on hold their plans since the French and Indian war broke
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Lewis and Clark help clear the mysteries which were existent about Louisiana purchase
Geographic discovery form the crucial goal Jefferson established for the expedition. A great deal of scientific knowledge was recorded by Lewis and Clark. The various geographic features had to be recorded and followed. As they moved they had to record details of route maps, observations of longitude and latitude and other astronomical duties. There was good connections between expeditionary and the Indians they were therefore able to carry out linguistic and ethnological studies.
America gained diplomatic progress and trading rights with Indians. They came to realize about the Americas sovereignty and the terms of Louisiana Purchase. There existed business competitors like Fench, English and Russians among others and the presence of Lewis and Clark helped America offset the business completion from these nations (Lewis, Clark, Moulton & Dunlay,

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