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  • Scholarly Sources

    opular sources vs. scholarly sources In preparation for this assignment, I was able to use Pinterest as a way of research and learned that depending on research topic, that Pinterest and popular sources may be an acceptable way to support an argument. These sources are what I used in my comparison to the popular sources that can be found on Pinterest. My Exploratory draft three explores how popular sources can be useful in supporting an argument: OZ5V17pCnADboyjJFrMrdW0pB2ac4eGOxm00/edit?usp=sharing. My Exploratory draft four is an annotated bibliograghy of the scholarly sources that I found: document/d/11cz5yDrvSBYUl1xjl7AcQ1Sf3KHEk2qcOvbcdgwuYQM/edit?usp=sharing. The last aspect of this learning experience involved learning about sentences, sentence structure, and how use of punctuation allows for sentences to be grammatically correct. One aspect of the grammar lesson that positively affected my writing was the use of a comma after an introductory phrase. The example from my ED three is this sentence: “In my experience, Pinterest is a good way…” The were a few cases in my ED three that I corrected the lack of such comma. The second grammar tool that I used to better my writing was the semicolons and colons. I have used semicolons before, however I made it a…

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  • Credible Sources In Research

    What are credible sources? Credible sources are those you can trust. Those from which we can trust that the ideas and information provided come from the author. When doing a research paper we have to make sure that the information provided by the author is backed up with evidence. When writing a paper you should always use credible sources even if it takes longer, because if you don't your paper would be providing false information. In the other hand, you should always include citations and…

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  • Essay On Reliable Sources

    How do we tell if the information we find on the internet are reliable and objective? When we do a research paper, we need reliable sources to support our main idea. And also we need the website that has real information. When I do my research paper, I personally like to go Grossmont online library databases to find my sources because I feel more trustful and it seems to be a reliable source. However, Google is the most popular website that people use to find any information. A bunch of results…

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  • Christian Lous Lange: Source Analysis

    Source 1 is a statement created by Christian Lous Lange and it speaks strongly on the ideological perspective of internationalism. The source is opposing another form of nationalism since it starts off by comparing internationalism with another term by stating “on the contrary”, and this implies that the author is against nationalism because he is not in favour of its “one- sided” (ness) and how it is controlled by showing only one opinion or point of view without the consideration of…

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  • Five Differences Between Popular And Scholarly Sources

    • Explain at least five differences between popular and scholarly sources used in research. There are at least five differences between popular and scholarly sources. One of the easy to see reasons is a lack of pictures, and advertisements. Magazines and newspapers are notorious for including these items next to an article (Ashford, 2014). Another difference would be the location of the source. Finding sources through the internet will yield a lot of results, but gathering sources from…

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  • Ww1 Primary Source Analysis

    Part 1:Write a short commentary on either primary source extract A or Primary Source extract B. Extract Chosen= A This is a letter detailing the correspondence between the British foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey to the British Ambassador to Austria, Sir M. de Bunsen following a conversation he had on the morning of 23rd July 1914 (Great Britain Foreign Office, 1915). The letter was written when the July Crisis was at its peak and was written five days before the declaration of war from…

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  • David Nasaw Primary Sources

    Academic writings are fundamental to expanding and solidifying knowledge and understanding. Axiomatic to the objective nature of the writing is the existence of persuasive source material acting to support the argument put forth. For this purpose, critical evaluation of sources should be meticulously undertaken so as to ensure a strong and competent argument has been assembled. The sources themselves can take on many different forms depending on the discipline being examined and written in,…

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  • Essay On Primary And Secondary Sources

    Primary and secondary sources are both very important pieces of information that have been used to help support history throughout the years. Without our primary and secondary sources we would not have information to base off of. Primary sources are actual artifacts or documents created during a specific time. Some great examples of primary sources are things like journals, diaries, newspapers, speeches and even things like art and music. All these things were created first hand by someone at a…

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  • Benefits Of Open Source Software

    What is Open Source? Much of the software created in today’s world is created by a company who then has total control over modifying, distributing, monetizing, and granting rights for it. This means that users who purchase the software cannot modify it, share it, and may not actually own it. On the other hand, Open Source software has its code available on the internet for anyone to inspect, copy, modify, and distribute. This makes it cheaper than closed source software, more secure, free to…

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  • Primary And Secondary Sources In Nursing Research Essay

    primary sources as well as secondary sources. Both primary and secondary resources are vital to a good literature review. There are different types of primary and secondary sources that a nurse might use when preparing for a research project. Primary and Secondary Resources A primary source is “original information presented by the person or people responsible for creating it” (Schmidt &Brown, 2012). Primary sources always offer full references to others’ work cited information contained in the…

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