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  • Case Study: South Carolina Lions Charitable Services

    South Carolina Lions Charitable Services Screenings, Hearing Aids and Eye Surgery South Carolina Lions Charitable Services requests $10,000 to continue the important health programs providing vision, hearing, and health screenings, hearing aids, and eye surgeries to the uninsured residents of South Carolina. South Carolina Lions Charitable Services is dedicated to improving lives by providing vision, hearing and health screenings, and hearing aids and eye surgeries for the uninsured and under insured residents of South Carolina who otherwise would not receive assistance. Founded in 1969, SCLCS has provided vital, preventative health services to communities, large and small throughout the region, answering Helen Keller’s call to be “Knights of the Blind in the crusade against darkness.” The target population for the services provided by SCLCS is two-fold, screening services target school age children, while the eye surgery program and hearing aid assistance programs target the uninsured and under insured. SCLCS focuses its services on screening services and assistance programs to those residents whose income exceeds the limits for programs such as Medicaid or Life Line but do not make enough money to purchase individual or employer sponsored health insurance. Description of the Project:…

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  • Domestic Violence In South Carolina

    Based on research, “South Carolina had the most domestic violence crimes to happen in 2015” (Ewing). This means that South Carolina is ranked as number and has the most domestic violence in the nation. In 2015, South Carolina’s crime has been going viral throughout the nation. The state has been recognized throughout many news about the Charleston tragic to many domestic crimes. Last year South Carolina was ranked as number 2 in the nation, so for two year straight, South Carolina has been…

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  • South Carolinians Against The Tariff Of 1828

    South Carolinians were against the Tariff of 1828 due to the fact that it increased the price of imports tremendously. South Carolina was already suffering from agricultural depression caused by low cotton prices and exhausted farmlands, and the tariff further worsened the situation. The state leaders claimed that the tariff was clearly favoring the northern manufacturers because South Carolina would either have to pay the higher price for imported items or they would have to buy the goods from…

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  • Case Study Of Margie Congden And Maple Meadows Turmoil

    STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS ) COUNTY OF GREENVILLE ) FOR THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT ) Carl Ameche, ) ) C.A. NO.: 2016-CP-23-999999 Plaintiff, ) ) vs. ) ) COMPLAINT Margie Congden, Leroy Congden, ) (JURY TRIAL DEMANDED) and Maple Meadows Campground, ) )…

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  • Short Biography: Penny Holland Cooper: My Best Friend

    Penny Holland Cooper is not only my mom, but also my best friend. She has many years under her belt that comes with a variety of different experiences and moments that I would like to share. She was born on June 8, 1961 at the Saint Mary’s Hospital, in Jacksonville, Florida. She weighed seven pounds one ounce and nineteen inches long. Her Dad and three brothers were there in the delivery room to welcome the beautiful sister they finally got. In my Mom’s first few years she spent her time going…

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  • John Calhoun's Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis in which it was strongly supported by South Carolinian and vice President John Caldwell Calhoun and took place from 1832 to 1833 under the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Influenced heavily by constitutional philosophies such as the tenth amendment in which it states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”and also ideals of former presidents James…

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  • State And Federal Governments: State Vs. State

    Nullification first took place in South Carolina when the state stood against the tariff of 1828.If nullification took action it would of affected the whole Union. The state went far enough to threaten the Union when secession. The Federal government action against nullification was with an army which was sent to South Carolina. Nullification was created to go against the growth of the Federal governments powers. The Federal government has the ability on determining the extent of its own powers,…

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  • The Meaning Of The Confederate Flag

    through the generations of family’s. Many people view the flag as rasimcan, but it really means heritage. Many people just take it wrong and don’t research it to find the real meaning. The flag needs to stay flying to keep pride up in the people of the South. Some people think the rebel flag symbols racism and hate(Controversies). The Confederate flag is a meaning of honor in the Civil Soldiers. About 50% of the families in the South had family in the Civil War, and they take the flag as no…

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  • How Did Andrew Jackson Change After The War Of 1812

    Jackson wanted all Indian tribes west of the Mississippi river. Most whites viewed Indians as nothing more than savages and therefore, they agreed with Jackson’s idea of pushing them west. During the 1830s, both federal and state governments were attempting to remove all Indian tribes to the west. Certain Indian tribes attempted to appeal the idea of losing their land, but Jackson continued to enforce his plan. In 1835, the government came to a compromise with the Indians and offered $5 million…

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  • Importance Of Attending College At Clemson University

    Many university presidents either worked in a specific industry for many years prior to becoming a president, or climbed the educational ladder to get there. I had to figure out what would put me on a path to that type of leadership position and I thought about healthcare. Healthcare is one of the largest industries in our country and there will always be a need for doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators because there will always be a need for there services. My dream as a little girl…

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