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  • The Outsiders Movie Essay

    The first thing is that in the fight between the Socs and the Greasers all of a sudden right when they start fighting it starts to rain really hard. In the movie, the parents get killed by a train, but in the book the way of how their parents died is unknown. Two-Bit makes fun of the Socs while Ponyboy and Randy talk privately in the car about Randy not going to the brawl. Ironically, the end of the story is shown in the beginning of the movie. This is a little peculiar, but only occurs in the movie. Throughout the whole movie the Socs are referred to as the South Side and the Greasers are the North Side. In the book, they are referred to as the West Side Socs and East Side Greasers. This is a major difference in the movie. There is a bus near the site of the burning church which is only in the movie. There are a couple of small differences in the movie, but not…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Home Track

    Not all Medals are made of Metal An icy and bitter mist surrounded me. The sun had secreted behind piles of looming clouds, while droplets of water dispensed from the sky. The track bore a vast expanse of puddles, and runners plunged their way through them. I was sitting in the dewy grass underneath the canopy of our tent. Rain trickled down the stadium steps as I heard the booming announcer eagerly bellow, “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2016 State Track and Field Meet.” My heart began to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Close Call On Current River

    Close call on Current River In the small town of Popular Bluff, Missouri, sun was brightly shining down on this hot summer morning, making it the optimum day to go tubbing down Current River. That morning there were about eight of us going tubbing, my stepfather Larry, two uncles, an aunt, my sister, my two brothers and I. We loaded up the car with the essentials that would be needed; then we loaded up into two vehicles and headed for the river. When we finally arrived at the water’s edge my…

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  • Reaction About Accident

    We all react differently to the things that happens in our lifetime. While the certain events that take place do not define us as people, the way we react to those events do. Like for example, reacting to accidents. Accidents are a great example for this because they are almost completely at random. No one can ever predict or prevent from making accidents, it’s just human nature. While saying that, there are always 2 ways to react to an accident that has just happened. There is always a positive…

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  • Birthdays Are Always Special Essay

    Birthdays are always special. Whether celebrated or not, one’s birthday will forever be a reminder of life and growth. I always like to celebrate my special day with friends and family. Cliché, I know. Which is why for my 18th birthday I decided to get risky. Thrill rides and adventures have always fed my soul, but going to an amusement park seemed overplayed. I wanted to do something new and exciting. Skydiving seemed like the perfect avenue for what my inner thrill-junkie craved. It was…

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  • Personal Narrative: African American Football

    “Are you alright, Aarushi?” My mom questioned, she was mortified when she saw me limping across the pale floor, crying to get to her. She briskly ran towards me, along with my dad trying to help me get to the nearest bench. I was crying, my right foot felt like hot, gushing lava, burning from the inside out, constructing everything to feel like a third degree burn. Suddenly, everything in the world turned black. It was five fifty in the evening, cautiously waiting for it to turn six,…

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  • Carnival Triumph

    After booking the cheapest vacation we had ever booked it was time to go. My family and I were full of excitement crossing the Galveston Causeway, it was then we saw the cruise ship we were about to board after months of waiting. The Carnival Triumph looked massive as it was visible from miles away. The thirteen deck ship is a eight hundred nighty-three foot long. We could not wait to explore all of its wonders. Arriving to the port there so was much commotion. People were scrambling to make…

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  • Fear Of Lizards Research Paper

    Fear is an unpleasant emotion that subconsciously makes someone feel that possibly threatened or in some kind of danger. Whether it’s as little as being afraid of an animal or being afraid of heights, fear is something that causes a change in your brain telling you to run away and avoid it at all causes. Fear can come from anything and any type of experience. It can be from something as simple as getting bit or something major like almost dying. It’s an involuntary thing that can cause someone…

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  • Essay On D. B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking

    D.B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking “Miss. You’d better look at that note. I have a bomb,”. This quote from Cooper is what began the infamous hijacking in 1971 (Gray). There is still plenty of debate about whether or not he survived the jump that enabled him to get away on that night. This debate stems from the plethora of facts that can back up either side of the story. Who knows how it has been over forty years with the case still open and still unsolved. Although it may never be proven…

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  • Comparing Jealousy In Medusa And The Laboratory

    In the poems “Medusa” by Duffy and “The Laboratory” by Browning both authors explore the theme of jealousy and its destructive nature on people and society as a whole. In Duffy’s poem “Medusa” she critiques society on its treatment towards women, demonstrating how those without beauty are only corrupted with jealousy and how this behavior has survived through the ages. While Duffy focuses on the impacts of jealousy on the individual Browning looks towards its impacts on society, and its power to…

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