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  • South African Settlement In Australia Essay

    South Africa and Australia are two of the countries that lived Aboriginal and occupied by European settlement. South Africa Aboriginals’ treatment is so different from Australia Aboriginals. Moreover, the role of these settlements and the purpose for these settlements are different, too. However, both South Africa and Australia Aboriginals had conflict with settlements and settlement brought and spread serious disease in both country. Australia was occupied by British hundreds of years ago. The main reason why British occupied Australia is they needed more land. The a growing urban underclass in its city, loss of the American colonies and British wanted to relieve the pressure on its prison, so British occupy Australia and carry thousands of people there. Soon there was filled with Britain convicted, colonial administrators and military police in New South Wales. They brought and spread disease in Australia, smallpox is one of the example. Smallpox spread terribly and decimated a lot of Aboriginals in many place in Australia. Britain settlement did not have…

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  • Robert Hannaford's Portraits

    “From the time I was very young I wanted to draw to understand what I was seeing. I used a pencil to understand things.” This statement from Robert Hannaford concisely encapsulates his approach to art. Throughout his artwork, it is easy to see this approach through his quest to understand the people and environments around him. Robert Hannaford is one of Australia’s most renowned and influential portrait artists. The Art Gallery of South Australia has curated an exhibit of the artist’s…

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  • Australia's Geography

    Australia is in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is composed of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and the overseas territories. Australia is in the southern hemisphere. Australia is located off the southeast coast of Asia, next to Russia, Canada, China, the United States, and Brazil. Its land is as large as about four-fifths of China. The coastline of 3,700 km has the Pacific Ocean to the East and the Indian Ocean to the West. It is also the only exclusive city state in…

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  • Homelessness In Australia Essay

    Every day in states across the Australia, homeless women, men and children walk the streets, often begging for money, carrying plastic bags or pushing shopping carts filled with what little personal possessions they own. It is hard to comprehend that in a country as affluent as Australia there is such a large amount of people in the community who do not have homes. But over the last couple of decade’s homelessness and poverty has become a serious issue in recent years due to the increase in…

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  • Australia Future Superpower

    Australia: A Future Superpower The smallest continent halfway across the world from its political allies is setting its place in the world. Through its strong economy and military position Australia is an ever growing superpower. Australia 's diverse environment provides a wide variety of resources that protect them from foreign dependence. The 6th largest country in the world has an economic growth of 3% annually. Australia is a primary member of the leading military alliance on the…

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  • Explain Why Sir Henry Parkes Was The Father Of Federation

    Sir Henry Parkes is known as the father of federation, this was due to his large push for federation of Australia. Sir Henry Parkes was 5 time premier of New South Wales and had a large impact on Australia. Parks wanted a united country and a united government. He wanted Australia to be one country, working together. One of Parkes’ main reasons for his push for federation was the defect systems in Australia. Each colony had its own small armies and navies which sometimes even fought against…

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  • Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers In Australia

    When Australia became a federation on the first of January 1901 many of the laws and conventions that we have today were taken from the major global influences of the time: America and England. This is why like the United States, but unlike the United Kingdom, Australia has a written constitution that prescribes the rules and regulations that must be followed by the Australian people, government and legal system. One segment of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (1901) is considered…

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  • How Did The Vietnam War Affect Australia

    dynamic, modernising East has been going on for some years. Our minds are in the wrong time zone. It is important we make friends with our neighbours.” In the past especially during the Vietnam War, Australia may have overlooked any Eastern relationships by focusing instead on Western alliances. This quote…

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  • Difference Between Charles Perkins And Eddie Mabo

    Rights and Freedoms To what extent do Charles Perkins and Eddie Mabo contribute to changes in rights and freedoms for Indigenous Australians? Charles Perkins and Eddie Mabo made a huge impact on the rights and freedoms of Aboriginals through protests and campaigns. Charles Perkins is an indigenous Australian that took place in the freedom ride organised by a group of Sydney university students which helped to change the rights and freedom laws of indigenous people. Eddie Mabo helped change…

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  • Fall Of Singapore Security Analysis

    of immediate military security in Australia, leaving it mostly defenseless from the Japanese Imperial Army that conquered Malaya and Singapore, as Australia was still reliant on Great Britain for defenses. Secondly, the Fall of Singapore facilitated the movement from reliance on Britain to reliance on America. Finally, the Fall of Singapore created a climate of fear within Australia that destroyed the Australian People’s psychological security. Before covering these topics in more detail,…

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