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  • Disparities In Society

    eventually relocated to Maine. Thousands first settled in urban communities, for example, Atlanta before moving to Maine to acquire more moderate lodging and different administrations. The new residents were immediately confronted with resistance when they arrived in Lewiston, Maine. It is at this point when distinction and dissimilarities, prevented a society from developing tolerance and understanding of others. Originating from a violent place does not imply that Somalian are criminals. These exiled individuals have opened successful small business in this state, sent their kids to school, joined the nearby government, and have sewed themselves into the texture of life in Maine. At a Lewiston City Hall exhibit, nearly 400 individuals gathered and they sent a clear message “more love, no hate,” and held signs that read "I adore my neighbors" and "No place for prejudice."(MacQuarrie/Wang) This display of respected and compassion for each other will allow this resident to live in harmony. It is obvious to Maine’s longtime citizens that the city 's Somali residents share a common goal. They’re here since they needed proper sheltered and great schools to educate their children, and “that is the thing that Lewiston has." (MacQuarrie/Wang) It is vital for you to figure out how to live with contrasts, not notwithstanding them. Differences ought to be certain, a motor to drive your life, not negative. “Society establishes these boundaries through the media; television shows,…

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  • Reflection On Mr. Lewiston's Incident

    Reaction My initial reaction was that I foresaw Mr. Lewiston getting fired. I am not particularly insightful, but I believe that he was not taking no for an answer. I do not believe he meant Mrs. Gilbury any harm, moreover, I fell he was just a sad man in a bad place in his life. However, that does not excuse his actions. The world is changing and maybe back when Mr. Lewiston was younger his constant courting attempts her would seem endearing, but not today and especially not to a younger…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Is Love Real?

    I believe that love is real and that it is hard to find. I believe that love is real whether it comes from a family member, a pet, a spouse, or a best friend. In this case, real love comes from my boyfriend. It all started at a high school cheer competition. As I am sitting in awards, I look around and I see a boy in the crowd sitting with Lewiston’s fan section. Whispering in my best friend’s ear, I said “Look at that cute boy in Lewiston’s fan section! He's so hot! Although, Im pretty sure…

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  • Misplaced Affections: Building The F-35 Fighter

    Misplaced Affections: Discharged for Sexual Harassment and Virtual Teams in Actions: Building the F-35 Fighter In the case of Mr. Peter Lewiston VS Beverly Gilbury for sexual harassment. Both parties work for Pine Circle Unified School District at Simpson Elementary School. Lewiston was a hard working employee with a clean record. His began to change towards Ms. Gilbury. Which, made her feel uncomfortable. She did not tell him that his behavior caused her to feel uncomfortable because she…

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  • Carnegie Mellon Research Paper

    Many people come from different backgrounds. Everyone has something special that they can bring to the table. Being from Lewiston Maine, I am able to experience a multicultural lifestyle. Roughly 15 years ago, there was a large Somali immigration to Lewiston. To be frank, Maine is not the most culturally diverse state. There were, and still are negative reactions from the community that disagree with the immigration. I believe that as a country, we should be more welcoming of all different types…

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  • Sharon Creech Walk Two Moon

    Within the story, Gram expresses,”Sometimes you know in your heart that you love someone, but you just have to go away before your head can figure it out” (Creech 143). This parallels with Sal’s mom since both Sugar and Gram left their loved ones. It helps Sal by showing that it wasn’t her fault that her mother left Sal and John. Sugar just needed to go for a while, so the birds of sadness fade away. According to the text, on page 262, Sal clarifies “...our whole trip to Lewiston...feel what she…

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  • The Role Of External Forces In Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moons

    In the novel, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, both internal and external forces cause the main character Sal to change. One of the first external forces that changed Sal the most was when In the story, Sal must accept that her mom left, just as Phoebe accepted that her mom left. When Sal finally accepts that her mom has left, Sal finds out her mom has died. On page 263 Sal says, "Phoebe and her family helped me, I think. They helped me to think about and understand my own mother. Phoebe's…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Hooked On Fishing

    Hooked on Fishing Some people never get to experience the thrill of fishing or they just don’t like it. I am lucky enough to have an uncle with the same interests as me. I thought that getting up early on the Sunday before the last week of school would be horrible. I was at my grandma’s house and was getting up to go fishing on my uncle’s boat. I had gone fishin previously, but only in small ponds with small fish. We drove all the way to Lewiston on a windy day and put the boat in the water.…

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  • The Importance Of Setting In Walk Two Moons By Sharon Creech

    Also why this setting is important to Sal is because she talks about some important things in the stories she tells to Gram and Gramps, that are very secret from her friends and other people she doesn’t want to tell about this to. There are some milestones, or subplots in the story, which is what I meant in the sentence before this one. So, all I’m saying is that this is the important setting to Sal in the story that I chose because there are other ones, too. Some textual evidence to support…

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  • City Break In Buffalo Research Paper

    in Buffalo The beauty of Buffalo can be seen throughout the year with all 4 seasons. The city is beautiful covered in a blanket of snow, with cherry blossoms blooming in the spring or with the full greenery of summer. Upper parts of the United States are always glorious in the fall when the leaves are changing colors too. What's on in Buffalo? Every month, there's a festival or event for the residents as well as visitors who are looking for weekend breaks in Buffalo. It's especially great for…

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