Libby Purves

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    congressional seats); and I give to organizations that support women in the United States and abroad,” (Sweas). Here, we can comprehend that he majority of people in congressional seats, for example, are mainly male. This doesn’t just apply to congress, it is seen in all sorts of different jobs. Along with the lack of high powered jobs, women are also facing the issue of job security. Many television jobs, like a news reporter, have a huge sex appeal. When women reporters age, it is seen as unpleasing and isn’t uncommon for them to keep their jobs; however, when male reporters age, the viewers are much more forgiving. Libby Purves speaks about this in her article, “While men are described as rugged or distinguished, for women the physical signs of ageing are frequently negatively stereotyped…the theory is that audiences don 't like looking at older women,” (Purves). It can be concluded that women suffer economic issues concerning their jobs when it comes to both the higher level of the job and the job security. Finally, women today face not only biological and economic issues, but social issues as well. It was discussed earlier that women were expected to stay at home with the kids and take care of them. If, for a moment, we assumed that women would always do so, does that mean they would be the head of the household? From how society today responds, the answer would be no. In most relationships, men are still considered the head of the household. This is true…

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    a) life expectancy/ the number of years that an average person at any age, including newborns, can expect to live. Libby Montana and any other place that deals with asbestos should be in a separate category because, this video shows that most of the people in the town died a lot younger. The average life expectance in the united states is around the age of eighty. Since it takes forty years from exposure for effects of asbestos to fully develop, only people who are not exposed until they are…

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