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  • Gutieerrez Liberation Theology

    Theologians describe theology as the study of the nature and science of God. Liberation theology finds that faith is indivisible from impoverished communities, which represents a majority of Latin America. For such a theology, Gustavo Gutierrez points out the important question, “How is it possible to tell the poor, who are forced to live in conditions that embody a denial of love, that God loves them?” By being aware of present situations and questioning the system, showing others love through God’s will, and deferring between human faith and reality, that the significance lays. It also implores the challenge of understanding faith and poverty in Latin America, and illustrates a qualitative approach to salvation through hope. In the 1960’s,…

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  • Liberation Theology Thesis

    Liberation theology has a deep history through Latin America in which it “was born when faith confronted the injustice done to the poor” (Boff & Boff, pg. 3). Liberation Theology is a vital theological perspective for our time. Liberation theology is designed so that the poor can be set free. Liberation means liberation from oppression (Boff & Boff, pg. 24). That means being liberated in societal norms that oppress certain communities. For the purpose of this paper, the oppressed will often be…

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  • Liberation Theology Movement Analysis

    poor communities. This eventually led to social-structure movements that intended to diminish the gap between social classes and provide equality economically. The Liberation Theology Movement affirms freeing of social, political, economic maltreatment as an attempt of salvation. Early 1960s, the church was riding a new wave. The churches began to take…

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  • Dwight Hopkins 'Black Theology Of Liberation'

    In Black Theology of Liberation, author, Dwight Hopkins takes his audience on a journey through religious experience and interpretation by examining the overarching concept of what it means to fulfill both identities of being African American and Christian. In doing so, he introduces what he believes the four major building blocks are that construct black theology of liberation: historical context of slavery, unique interpretation of biblical scripture, relation of gospel experiences to African…

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  • People's Liberation Army

    Modernization of the Chinese military includes the “three pillars”: development of new weapons systems and capabilities, improving professionalism and quality of Chinese military personnel, and the development of new war-fighting doctrines for using the new capabilities (Shambaugh and Yahuda 2014). The People’s Liberation Army is China’s largest land force and has become a useful policy tool “both in terms of its combat potential and its role in security cooperation” (Shambaugh and Yahuda). An…

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  • China's Liberation Army

    In the recent years China has risen to become one of the largest growing world powers of the developing world. Their massive economy helped them achieve colossal strides in developing and maintaining their intense industrialization of their country. However, in recent events China has shifted some focus away from their economy to their military forces. Building up and modernizing its military might with intent on securing their interests abroad and domestically. In this paper I plan to discuss…

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  • Summary Of Peter Singer's The Case For Animal Liberation

    Animal liberation nowadays are one of the most contentious issues. There has been numerous arguments about whether or not if animals do have rights. Many philosophers have argued and came up with several conclusions by considering a variety of standpoints and presenting their arguments. In Peter Singer’s article “The Case for Animal Liberation”, has several good points which show us that everyone have the responsibilities to protect animal rights. Singer’s argument in his essay gives us a great…

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  • Peter Singer Animal Liberation Analysis

    environmentalism and animal liberation. Environmentalism is best summarized as the moral principle that biotic communities and the relationships within those communities are of the utmost importance to preserve. Animal Liberation represents the belief that sentience of a being qualifies that individual for moral consideration. If Leopold’s maxim is followed as the standard for land ethicism and the “when” in his maxim is read as a necessary condition then animal liberation…

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  • Black Theology Of Liberation By H. Cone: A Marxist Social Analysis

    Black Power”, Cone writes and publishes “A Black Theology of Liberation”. There, he reflects his deep commitment to the black struggle for justice from the perspective of Christian theology, which helps African American to recognize that the gospel of Jesus is not only consistent with their struggle for liberation but has a meaning central to the twentieth century America. “Racism is a disease that perverts human sensitivity and distorts the intellect”. He accuses white theology of being…

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  • Women's Liberation Of Palestine: A Case Study

    If women are active members of the struggle against occupation and the ongoing violations of Palestinian human rights, they will pass these values on to their children, thus resulting in future generations dedicated to the liberation of Palestine. In this way, women remain key forces in the creation of a resilient and sustainable liberation movement. Women’s involvement in traditionally male-dominated organizations has had lasting impacts on the perception of women in the occupied territories.…

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