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  • Yasukuni Shrine Essay

    of bereaved family members further complicate the issue. John Breen’s edited volume Yasukuni, the War Dead and the Struggle for Japan’s Past explores the break in Sino-Japanese relations, and fills a gap in the literature (available in English) with balanced debate. Published on the cusp of Japanese leadership change, the text is a timely contribution which not only debates Koizumi’s Yasukuni problem, but also highlights the challenges that will face the incoming Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Yasukuni explores the intersection of politics, religion, history and memory; and the difficulties of managing this intersection, both domestically and in foreign relations. Memory is shown to be politicised and used as a tool of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and members of the Japanese diet, as a means of furthering various political goals. Yasukuni is a compilation of varied and detailed articles, which intimately address the numerous perspectives of the Yasukuni issue. Bringing together academics from America, Britain, China, and Japan, and a diverse range of essay styles, Yasukuni addresses the effect of Koizumi’s annual shrine visits, on Sino-Japanese relations and the memory of conflict in East Asia. Other texts of a similar length generally place the Yasukuni issue within the broader picture of Sino-Japanese relations; in focussing on one element of tension from multiple perspectives, Yasukuni gives voice to both academic analysis, and personal views. Although Breen’s intention…

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  • Texas Political Alignment Analysis

    Texas political alignment began as a strong and faithful for the Democratic Party. Through time however the political alignment switched from Democratic, to Republican, to a long lasting Democratic until turning back into the Republican alignment we have today. The particular rime and the economy of Texas was a large part of what cause these changes. To dive deeper into the changes of political alignment we have to understand who was in power at the time both in the national government and state…

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  • Republican And Democrats Similarities

    split between two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Throughout history, Democrats and Republicans have emphasized and ascertained the evident differences between their policies. They are majorly perceived as black and white, liberal and conservative, however their similarities seem to be overshadowed by these differences. Democrats focus on change, while Republicans value tradition, but both parties have emphatical sources of political support and focus on expansion of…

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  • Despotism In America

    In recent times there has been an apparent lack of nationalistic feel in America and a growing discontentment with the democratic and republican parties. Is there a correlation between the two? If so how? This essay will explore the two party systems in order to gain an understanding of how it affects nationalism and what factors cause such fluctuations in the overall zeal for America. In George Washington’s farewell address he warns Americans of the perils of forming political parties. He…

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  • Political Hyperpolarization Examples

    “Those damn liberals are wasting all of our money!” or “Those crazy conservatives are running the country to the ground!” I’m sure you’ve heard things like these before and they are becoming all the more common. This is just one example of how political hyperpolarization is becoming more prominent. Political Hyperpolarization in American Politics is a growing trend that leads to deadlock in government and political pandering at the expense of the common good. This can be solved by reforming the…

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  • The Republican Party

    Democrats The Republican Party and Democratic Party are the two major political party in the United States. The Democratic Party was originally founded by Andrew Jackson in the 1828. The original Democratic Party appealed to southerners and westerners. The current Republican Party was founded in 1854. Originally the Republican Party was most active in the North. After many years, the two parties have seemingly flipped around. Once the Republican wanted a strong federal government and now they…

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  • Chaotic Year Of 1968 Essay

    States since the 1860’s. 1968 was the highest expression of the divisiveness throughout the 1960s. One reason for the political shift in 1968 is because of the failure of the liberal policies of the Johnson Administration, in particular the Great Society. President Johnson being a southerner from Texas was viewed by many people on the left as someone who shift to the right on the civil…

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  • The Four Political Parties

    events in American history. Both parties began preparation for the presidential election, about two years before the actual election. Before the final primary election there were four leading candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party. These four candidates were very different than any of the candidates of previous elections. Bernie Sanders, who was running for the democratic nominee had very different views…

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  • Difference Between Donkeys And Democrats

    the elephants, Republicans, and donkeys, Democrats, of the world. While Republicans are more conservative than democrats they both help not only America, but the whole world, to be better in their own unique way. All leaders differ in opinion on a wide variety of issues, but tax cuts and social issues are two of the main disputes. Taking into consideration that not every leader of either political party has the same morals or goals as the other, makes a big difference in which type of leader is…

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  • Political Socialization In America

    When political scientists look at voting behavior and political beliefs, they often turn to people’s upbringings. When looking at this, one area often studies is the environment where people grew up. This means the city and state of a person’s upbringing. While many say that the most effective way to influence political beliefs is through those closest to a person, the geography of where they grew up cannot be ignored. States in America vote for presidents, not people directly and this provides…

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