Kazuhiko Yamauchi's Successful Campaign

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The documentary Campaign presents the audience with an alluring perspective on democracy in Japan. The documentary centers on one man’s rise to local governance, backed by the Liberal Democratic party. Kazuhiko Yamauchi successful campaign illustrates distinctive attributes, that ultimately wins Yamauchi the election. Yamauchi following the conventions of a Japanese campaign is paramount. Adhering to traditional campaign conventions, gave Kazuhiko Yamauchi the most favorable outcome in the election. Yamauchi on the surface was not an ideal candidate. Yamauchi had zero political experience. The only formal requirement that Yamauchi fulfilled, was his formal education at Tokyo University. It was surprising that a dominant party in Japan would choose this candidate to fill a crucial political seat. Yamauchi was …show more content…
The election took place in 2005; Junichiro Koizumi served as the Prime Minister and a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberal Democratic Party can trace “its lineage as far back as the 1870s. The mainstream of major Japanese political parties…has been in the moderate to conservative part of the political spectrum. The philosophy of the LDP favors a centralized and efficient government exercising an important role in the economy” (Hayes, 2014, pp. 191). This is where the intentions of the LDP became clear in picking Yamauchi to run in the by-election. Yamauchi is stamp and coin dealer. This establishes substantial business contracts the Liberal Democratic Party is seeking. Conducting businesses has a direct influence on the economy. The Liberal Democratic Party “has achieved its greatest success in promoting the reestablishment of Japan’s importance in the world arena almost entirely by economic means. The LDP

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