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  • Kazuhiko Yamauchi's Successful Campaign

    with an alluring perspective on democracy in Japan. The documentary centers on one man’s rise to local governance, backed by the Liberal Democratic party. Kazuhiko Yamauchi successful campaign illustrates distinctive attributes, that ultimately wins Yamauchi the election. Yamauchi following the conventions of a Japanese campaign is paramount. Adhering to traditional campaign conventions, gave Kazuhiko Yamauchi the most favorable outcome in the election. Yamauchi on the surface was not an ideal candidate. Yamauchi had zero political experience. The only formal requirement that Yamauchi fulfilled, was his formal education at Tokyo University. It was surprising that a dominant party in Japan would choose this candidate to fill a crucial political seat. Yamauchi was…

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  • Did Donald Trump Make America Great Again?

    There was a break-in at the Democratic National Convention in 1972 and Nixon’s administration attempted to cover it up. The negative impacts of this incident still resonate today, reminding us to perhaps not trust our elected officials and giving American government a poor reputation so that its citizens could never look at it the same way again. The final (and most major) insult was the Vietnam War. This war was incredibly unpopular at home, and we had lost by pulling our troops out in 1975.…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Name And Describe Clay's Plan For The Jackson Presidency.

    The Jacksonians 1.Explain the scheme that unfolded in the “corrupt bargain.” -The Election of the 1824 was very controversial. There were four Democratic Republican candidates running for the Presidency. Andrew Jackson had the most votes, but did not have the majority. Due to this the House had to decided the winner of the election. The election was influence by manipulation. John Q. Adams became President and Clay was the Secretary of State. Jackson was very outraged and called the…

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  • Nelson Mandela Is Bad Essay

    He won an exceptional amount of awards, more than anyone in history over 260, throughout forty years, here are a few of his amazing his International awards. Nobel Peace Prize 1993, he received beside former president FW de Klerk "for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South-Africa". The Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience award 2006, it's awarded annually to people who show exceptional leadership within…

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  • Flaws Of Franklin D Roosevelt

    Japanese bombing killed over 2,400 people, sank four battleships, damaged ten warships and completely obliterated 200 planes. Soon after the United States declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941 (Resch). Some people theorized that FDR had prior knowledge to these attacks and let it fold out because it could be used as an excuse to join the war. As a result, Franklin D. Roosevelt sent more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans to internment camps spread throughout the country (Stock). Conditions were…

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  • Harry S. Truman's Presidency

    evening he took the oath of office as President of the United States. He followed that statement with a request that the reporters pray for him (Ferrell). This kind of statement, together with his shibboleth of “the buck stops here” made people thing of Truman as a plain-talking, ordinary man. As Robert Dallek described in his book, Harry S. Truman: The American President, “how he rose above the common place to become extraordinary makes Truman’s life and career a compelling puzzle (10).…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Propaganda In World War I

    World War I, the first war in the world that involved multiple countries in many parts of the world to be involved in warfare broke out in Europe year of 1914 when the royal prince of Austria was assassinated. Mobilization upraises the conflict between the Allies and Central Powers, also known as the Ottoman Empire. The Allies consisted of United States of America, Great Britain, Japan, and France. The Ottoman Empire countries were Austria, Hungary, and Germany. During World War I, United States…

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  • Obama Victory Speech Analysis

    speech, when mentioning past, present even future the president acknowledges American people. Obama thanks his rivals, all voters even if they did not support him. It can be said that Moving forward as family” is one of the themes of this oratory piece. He mentions his wife, daughters and even their family dog Bo with a light-hearted joke. It is obvious that the President of the United States does not take his dog for walks, or personally groom it, however with that single joke he manages to…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Eulogy And Usher's Chains

    A Rhetorical Analysis: Compare and Contrast the Rhetorical Appeals and Techniques used in Obama’s Eulogy and Usher’s song “Chains” President Barack Obama, in his eulogy for Reverend Pinckney delivers an emotional speech that left many in tears and inspired, inspired to make change. Obama’s speech was intended towards all citizens of the United States, especially the victimized families and people of South Carolina. During his eulogy, Obama praises the great man that Reverend Pinckney was and…

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  • Importance Of Trans-Pacific Partnership

    The Trans-pacific Partnership is a trade agreement between 12 countries, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. The purpose of the Trans Pacific Partnership is to deepen economic ties between these nations by reducing tariffs and promote the development of trade. The increase in trade between these nations is aimed at reducing China and India’s dominance it the Pacific Rim. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was not a…

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