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  • Kazuhiko Yamauchi's Successful Campaign

    The documentary Campaign presents the audience with an alluring perspective on democracy in Japan. The documentary centers on one man’s rise to local governance, backed by the Liberal Democratic party. Kazuhiko Yamauchi successful campaign illustrates distinctive attributes, that ultimately wins Yamauchi the election. Yamauchi following the conventions of a Japanese campaign is paramount. Adhering to traditional campaign conventions, gave Kazuhiko Yamauchi the most favorable outcome in the election. Yamauchi on the surface was not an ideal candidate. Yamauchi had zero political experience. The only formal requirement that Yamauchi fulfilled, was his formal education at Tokyo University. It was surprising that a dominant party in Japan would choose this candidate to fill a crucial political seat. Yamauchi was chosen to run for a vacant seat in the city council of Kawasaki. The election took place in 2005; Junichiro Koizumi served as the Prime Minister and a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberal Democratic Party can trace “its lineage as far back as the 1870s. The mainstream of major Japanese political parties…has been in the moderate to conservative part of the political spectrum. The philosophy of the LDP favors a centralized and efficient government exercising an important role in the economy” (Hayes, 2014, pp. 191). This is where the intentions of the LDP became clear in picking Yamauchi to run in the by-election. Yamauchi is stamp and coin dealer. This…

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  • Liberal Party Structure

    While both structure and agency played a key role in the replacing of the Liberal party with Labour it could be said that structure worked more as a catalyst while agency played a direct part in the replacement of the Liberal party; it could be argued “structure and agency [cannot] be divorced” (McHugh, 2001, p.6). While values giving way to class and an electorate tripling in size does create some convincing arguments that structure is the best explanation for Labour replacing the Liberal party…

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  • Essay On Realism And Liberalism

    There are three main schools of thought in International Relations and they are realism, liberalism, and constructivism. Liberalism is the paradigm that in short, holds the belief that emphasizes the importance of the international institutions that would serve to check relations with other international state actors. Realism stems from the notion that in this anarchic international stage, each state is out to better itself and the only way to survive is to gain more power. Constructivism is a…

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  • Creative Writing: Secret Santa

    It was December 18th, seven days until Christmas, and an ordinary day so far in New York City. Amber was on her way to work, shoving her way through the busy streets. Christmas cheer filled the air, lights hung on the rooftops of buildings, stores blasted Christmas songs, and snowflakes danced down from the grey cloudy sky. Amber swung the office door behind her and was greeted by her cheerful employees. The office was decorated with lights and garland hanging around the cubicles, paper…

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  • One World Rival Theories By Jack Snyder And Liberalism And World Democracy

    One World, Rival Theories by Jack Snyder and Liberalism and World Politics by Michael W. Doyle. One World, Rival Theories states the basics of all three major theories and gives a general idea of liberalism’s main points. Liberalism and World Politics on the other hand gives a detailed explanation of liberalism alone and continues to break down the theory into three separate categories. This helps to fill in some of the gaps in the first article as well. In the first article, One World, Rival…

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  • Family Communication: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Family Communication: Paper One Korbyn Limber University of Oklahoma Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding or most recently, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2? Well, I have a double dose! Having come from both Lebanese and Greek backgrounds makes my family big, loud, loving, Orthodox (religion that is), and most of all, irreplaceable! My heritage which is founded on my family values and strong faith seem to lend itself to family communication. Family rules, family rituals, and family stories…

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  • Media Influence On Culture Analysis

    I think culture is one of the more important aspects of society, if not the most important. Conley, in chapter three, redefined my views on culture and how regulated it is in everyones lives. Conley also writes about the media’s influence in our everyday world and how inclined we are, as a country, to live up to their expectations. “Culture is the sum of the social categories and concepts we recognize in addition to our beliefs, behaviors (except instinctual ones), and practices” (Conley).…

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  • Liberalism Vs Liberalism

    The views and components of Liberalism are evident in every aspect of the socioeconomic status and practices of the United States. The extent to which varies considerably depending on which facet of the government one considers, but the underlying principles on which the legislative and economic values base themselves on directly conforms with Liberalism. Although Liberalism is a relatively new ideology, most industrialized countries identify with its policies and agenda to some degree. The…

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  • Hilton Hotels Economic Factors

    revolves around competitive forces. Hilton Hotels retain a position as one of the global leaders in the hospitality field as a part of the Hilton Worldwide web ten styles of…

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  • Pearl Continental Hotel Case Study

    Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore Introduction: Pearl Continental Hotel is a hotel chain in Pakistan. It is owned and operated by Hashoo Group, which also owns Hotel One, a chain of budget hotels as well as Marriott Hotels in Islamabad and Karachi. When Hashoo Group acquired Pakistan Services Limited in 1958 it changed its name to Pearl Continental Hotel. It has properties in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Gwadar, Muzaffarabad and Bhurban. The Pearl Continental has honored of…

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