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  • Importance Of Library As A Library

    Library has always been a magical place to me since I was five years old, and it played a compelling role in my childhood development. How librarians know where to find what information from the temple of mystery was amazing to me at that time, and I get to understand comprehensively of library’s vital value to people and community when I studied in universities and visited libraries around the world, especially after few years’ involvement in library as a volunteer. A library is a place where people can access information freely, and it is a public space for community. My career aspiration is to become a professional librarian and assist patrons to access information in the most effective way in digital age. I grew up in a rural small town of China at early ’80s, where people didn’t have much connection to outside world to get direct knowledge other than reading books and newspapers. But it was hard to find books around. There were no public library in town; the only library was education bureau’s internal library servicing teachers. I was allowed to get in there with my mother sometimes because she was a teacher. I still remember the aroma and style inside, and the happiness after borrowing books. My longing for library environment extended to my life and career path. The library of my…

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  • Library Card Essay

    been a nice day to go library and get some books. Being a geeky teenage girl, I love to read anything from a mystery to a good thriller. My day started off great! A big bowl of Frosted Flakes, a bright early morning and a little bit of television. Nothing could go wrong… or could it? “Oh crap, where’s my library card”.I yelled in frustration. I began to search through all my pockets and in between my father’s car seats.After fifteen minutes with no success, I turned towards my father, Oscar,…

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  • Libraries Of The Future Public Libraries Case Study

    Libraries of the future public libraries are moving into a direction of redesigning library space, moving away from set traditional ways and welcoming the digital age for their communities. As we take a closer glance into the future it entitles people wanting to gaining access to information at a rapid rate. However, the challenges public libraries will face are securing adequate funding to support such major changes. Eliminating the Dewey systems application Consenus (2009) examined the…

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  • Public Libraries

    Public libraries are trying to keep up in a world where technological changes are rapid and constant. In order to stay relevant, public libraries must understand and embrace change and new technologies. Public library spaces will continue to be reinvented in order to better meet the needs of users. But where the most amount of change is expected is in digital content. As the library changes, the catalog must change. These changes need to consider not just current needs but the future needs of…

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  • Siena Heights University Library

    We have learned that an idealistic library is the place where you go when you want to learn something new, use its free resources and when in need of silence. On most college campuses a library is known for being a place for independent academic study and not an environment in which you should talk to others. College students that are found inside libraries participating in their own independent studies are usually there because they want to be there, not because they are highly persuaded to be…

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  • The Importance Of Library Circles

    Library organization is a hot topic is library circles. To gentrify or not to gentrify …that is the question. I was quite surprised by the passion this topic ignites on library blogs and discussion boards. Some librarians are down right angry at the idea of “dissing” Dewey, while others embrace the change. After much consideration, if ever given the opportunity to organize a library, it would most definitely be in the genrefication or bookstore model, alphabetically for the fiction selections,…

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  • Judith Tipton Library

    seating structure. She sits up and looks around seeing almost no students on the row of computers against the wall to the left of her. The Billington Library is nearly silent this early aside from the hum and clicks of computers, the occasional printer making a hushing noise as…

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  • Libraries: Current Trends In Young Adult Literature

    Libraries play an important role in getting information into the hands of the population. Today, librarians must use the basic concepts and principles related to the selection, evaluation, organization, and preservation of physical and digital information items. These information items have grown to include not only books, but many kinds of printed material, and vast electronic resources. Librarians must understand all aspects of the management of these collections, including their selection,…

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  • Melvile Dewey: The Role Of Women In Public Library

    Long before Melvile Dewey came around and implemented his decimal system, personal library collections typically were curated and and managed to some degree by men. Considering that the form of public libraries that gave rise to the ones we have today, did not come into existence until the mid to late 19th century, it is surprising that women were allowed into these institutions. However, even from the birth of the field of librarianship, women had to assert their right to be there. In order to…

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  • Public Library Career Analysis

    This month I celebrate a 9-year anniversary working in a public library setting. When I started my library career in 2006, it was only a part-time job for me. I worked various second jobs in tandem with my page position at a small branch of a public library system while attending the University of Tennessee. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology from UT in 2009, and decided ultimately, that I wanted to pursue full-time employment with the Knox County Public Library (KCPL).…

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