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  • Essay On Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War

    soldiers. As some of the population could not care any less, there was also a large part of Australians who was wary of Australia’s initiation to get involved with Vietnam and Australia’s fear of Communism. When the country’s commitment to South Vietnam increased, there were little negative reactions. When the news of Australia being included in a task force broke out in 1966, the Australian public were not amused. Australians presumed the news meant a war that Australia was beginning to get involved in; the news of this sparked a rise in anti-war groups and widespread opposition to the war. However, some people were more against the ideology of conscription rather than the war itself. Conscription was compulsory enlistment for state service, typically in the armed forces. Soldiers were chosen were by a form of lottery but with birthdates of men selected from a barrel and usually were men of age range 21-25 years old. If a man was to be selected, he would spend two years of continuous full-time service in the army then followed by three years of part-time service in the Army Reserve. So when young men heard about the…

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  • Australia's Two Party System

    of the 2010 Australian federal election, the issue of whether or not the health of Australia’s liberal democracy necessitating a two party system is debated academically. In this essay it is argued that a two party system is not essential thus the opposing proposition not confirmed by the result of the election. Relevant and contemporary arguments are presented in support of the premise that a hung parliament is of benefit to the health of Australia’s liberal democracy. First, academic…

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  • Cosmopolitanism In Australia Research Paper

    Western idea usually means an idea originally from and developed in the Western culture. A Western idea can concern various things, such as politics, philosophy, science, and art. Definition of the West is not simple. The West sometimes thought as European countries and their colonies, so for example, the United States, Canada, and Australia are also regarded as the West. Although Australia has a history that had an experience of colonisation by the British, Australia also has experienced its…

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  • Australian Politicians

    Australia has a large historic past where Australian Politicians have legislated laws that dehumanises and represent the Indigenous as inferior or marginalise a social group by not letting them get married (eg. Marriage equality). Australian politicians in the past have manipulated many Australian’s that ‘different is bad’ and you shouldn’t be different because you’re considered as a threat in the nation and become alienated. By passing those ideologies that have educated the citizens the…

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  • Political Influences On My Life

    I tried to imagine myself living in Australia and how different my life would have been because of the different terrains, weather patterns, and climate; religious influences; political views; economics; and cultures. Australia is a beautiful country that has a land area of about 7.692 million…

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  • Factors Affecting Australia's Population Growth Rate

    Immigration Australia’s population growth rate is declining at a rate of 1.6% (OECD, 2016). Over the span of 50 years from 1962 to 2012 the birth rate of Australians has decreased from 3.43 babies per woman to 1.89 babies per woman (Gapminder). This societal shift has had a huge impact on population, and therefore has also severely impacted Australia’s economic growth rate. A solution for economies experiencing a loss in population is an increase in immigration. “The purpose of migration is to…

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  • Difference Between Asylum Seekers And Refugees

    crisis where Norwegian freighter MV Tampa rescued 438 refugees off a sinking fishing boat named the Palapa (Doherty, 2011). It was an event that ushered Australia into what is now more than a decade of constant failures to meet humanitarian conventions and international laws outlined by the United Nations and ratified by the Australian government. Federal politicians will often exhort to the use of exclusionary, and often divisive language whenever asylum seekers or refugees are discussed,…

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  • Media In Australia

    democratic country like Australia, media plays a far greater role in connecting political discourses with its citizens so that they can make an informed decision about the future of their country. Media must provide citizen with information, ideas and debates so as to facilitate informed opinion and participation in democratic politics (Dahlgren 2009). But the Australian print media is highly concentrated resulting in reporting of information that serves the political, financial interests of a…

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  • Political Truth Analysis

    Politics hold one truth and that is, there is no simple truth. Political truth is adaptable, mutable and most of all relative. Sometimes it is even absent and even worst sometimes irrelevant. This is difficult for people as it is not the way we live our lives and this is perhaps the reason there is such a big wedge and difference between politics, politicians and people, for most people a sense of honesty underpins the way we deal with each other. Prime ministers ask the public to place their…

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  • Australian Footwear Industry Case Study

    the basis of pricing and quality. However, in striving to innovate, Arts Spot acts to differentiate itself with other firms and offering goods and services that are unique including a shift towards new technologies, so in this sense could quite possibly resemble the technical textiles firms who produce heterogeneous goods. The Degree to Which Tariffs Were Reduced Until the 1980s many Australian industries relied on a high rate of protection initially adopted in order to protect infant…

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