Libertarian theory

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  • Liberty And Equality

    They argue in favour of the right to life and the right to property. However, in the libertarian view the right to life does not refer to a right to receive goods and resources from others in order to preserve one 's live, but simply the right not to have one 's live interfered with or ended by other individual. The same applies to the libertarian 's right to property. It is the right not to be interfered with regarding goods and resources acquired legitimately, and not the right to receive goods and resources necessary for one 's welfare. Therefore, in a condition of economic inequality, where the rich have more than enough to satisfy their basic needs and the poor lack the resources necessary to meet their basic needs, libertarians argue that the rich have the liberty to use their resources to satisfy their luxury needs, with the consequence that the basic needs of the poor will not be met. They believe that in this case the liberty of the poor is not at stake and so the rich should not be required to sacrifice their liberty. When the conflict between the rich and the poor is viewed as a conflict of liberties, we must determine which liberty is…

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  • Rawlsian Vs Libertarian

    reading the chapters about Libertarians and Rawlsian, I am able to see where the two groups have their differences about freedom. Libertarians believe that individuals should have the choice of freedom.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Libertarian Party

    555). And was officially formed on December 11, 1971, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Libertarians have a unique stand on their policies and at the same time their policies are broad enough to get the public support, they are not the traditional left or right, but they have a unique stand where they are for total individual liberties like pro-drug legalization, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-home schooling, pro-gun rights, etc. And at the same time there are for total economic freedom…

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  • Requiem For The American Dream Essay

    In Requiem for the American Dream, Noam Chomsky describes the vicious cycle of how concentration of wealth supplies concentration of power, and the political power turns into legislation which concentrates more wealth, and so on, and so on. Chomsky talks about how people will never be able to reach the American Dream. People will never reach the American Dream because of what Chomsky stated in his documentary, which is because of the wealth of nations, the attack on solidarity, and marginalize…

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  • Ayn Rand's Contributions To Liberttarian Philosophy

    Ayn Rand is also noted for her contributions to libertarian philosophy. She is seen as the most influential figure to those who have adopted libertarian styled thinking. Her famous work The Fountainhead is an allegory of one of the larges libertarian ideas. As libertarians, the belief that you are under complete ownership of yourself is a hallmark. There should not be any reason in the world that you are compelled to sacrifice your time unless you are compelled to do so. Consequent to this…

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  • Sider's Theory Of Determinism

    Every even has a cause. This fact is known as determinism. (Sider, 113) Determinism offers a theoretical explanation of how events occur. It refutes the theory of free will which states that people are in control of the decisions they make. Sider, being a proponent of determinism, argues that people’s belief in determinism is reasonable since the success of science is quite evident. All technological innovations owe their existence to science that is able to explain all things observed by human…

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  • Values And Values Of Science

    The tools of science are not the apparati with which science is executed, such as scales and telescopes, nor the theories science generates to explain things, though both are useful instruments in their own right. I refer instead to the habitual processes which science relies upon. The most prominent tool is the scientific method which serves to direct one 's inquiry. Other useful tools include gathering data, controlling for variables, and repeating experiments. When I talk about the values of…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies Of Carl Sagan

    Shermer explains that there is an amateur archeologist who studied how the pyramids were built. He couldn’t explain how they were made because he had no evidence. He believed they were constructed by space aliens. Sagan believes there’s a dragon in his garage, but can’t explain if it’s actually there because he has no real evidence to show that there’s an actual dragon in his garage. He then experiments his theory, according to Sagan the dragon is invisible. In his experiment he spreads flour…

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  • The Importance Of Psychology As A Science

    controlled methods, observable data, physical evidence, and the subsequent analysis are the work of science, called research. Research is the essence of the scientific field, and it is the formula for approaching building blocks, which expand out understanding of occurrences in the natural world. This approach to expanding human understanding, as it is based on understanding through experimental investigation of phenomena, requires a strict adherence to the principles of controlled observation…

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  • Reflective Essay On Active Listening

    listener?” Before entering Counseling Theory and Process, I was exceedingly confident in my ability to be an active listener, hence my interest in becoming a counselor, little did I know, there was an abundant amount of information to be learned. Furthermore, there was so much more knowledge to consume about other people, the counseling process, and the development of my own professional identity in general. Active listening is a powerful technique that I believe is highly underestimated.…

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