Prison System In The United States

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Anarchists are standing up for many movements that they find unsuitable. Most of them disagree with the way the government is running society. In fact, they believe that society does not need the government at all. The rules they are coming up with are their way of protecting themselves and the rich. How about the poor? Do some of them tend to steal because they are not receiving help from the government? Are people getting involve in illegal activities because the state does not approve it but the other states does? Children nowadays are committing crime. How are they going to solve it? The government is locking up their people in cages to teach them a lesson. Are they really learning? The government has too many issues they need to solve. They are allocating their money to expenses that are not significant such as prison, but how could prison be a good investment? …show more content…
Anarchists agree that neither the government nor the bible is running the world, as it should be, instead it is causing chaos and conflicts. They believe they should take part in the decision-making about the policies regarding penitentiary because they are certain that their methods are better than the governments or God’s. One of their proposals is considering eliminating the prison system, if not possible, they want to come up with alternatives regardless the cost to help an inmate to improve as a person. It may be wrong to invest the money to criminals, but they believe a person should learn something from their mistakes while they are in prison. In the long run, they believe it could be a good investment because the inmate is learning and gaining

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