Licensed practical nurse

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  • Licensed Practical Nurse

    Exploring the Field of Licensed Practical Nurses Health care has recently emerged as one of the largest and most prominent industries in today’s society. Due to the vastly growing population, our generation has seen a dramatic increase in the number of health care professionals and facilities as well as a surge in medical science. People are living much longer because of all of the discoveries that have been made in the past few decades and now we are experiencing a large number of people, many from the geriatric population, who are experiencing new diseases and illnesses that were never an issue before. Many need assistance with basic life functions that we often take for granted such as feeding themselves, bathing, using the restroom, changing…

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  • What It Takes To Be A Nurse Essay

    What it Takes to be a Nurse Did you know that an employment change of 182,900 positions will be available between 2012 and 2022? That sounds like music to my ears. A Licensed Practical Nurse, or a LPN, is a nurse who helps registered nurses or physicians with patients and their health issues. This profession takes going above and beyond for your patients, being determined to work hard, and having different types of skills to be successful in your duties. Education is a major requirement to…

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  • Professional Transition: A Case Study

    graduate nurse has to handle professional transitions to continue growth in their care and development. Organizations play a role in assisting new graduate employees through this transition. “Knowing what to expect during this transformation can reduce the stress of accepting and transitioning into a new role and result in quality outcome” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014). “With the ever changing health care environment the nurse has to adapt to high-acuity patients, knowledgeable family members, keeping…

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  • The Importance Of Quality Of Care And Life In Nursing Homes

    different varieties of contributors that determine the quality of care and life. In the United States the long-term care facilities, nursing homes, are common places for many elders. In studies they have identified staffing as one of the reasons for poor quality care.(Juh Hyun Shin) In research conducted by the division of nursing, Ewha Womans University investigated relations between nursing staff and quality of life(QOL). There have been random sample interviews from the residents of…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Health Care And Nursing

    The contemporary time is characterized by heightened expansion of the health care industry. Choosing a career in this sector offers persons with sufficient opportunities to obtain employment in different work environments. It provides a wide range of job choices including nursing and medical assisting. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and medical assistants (MAs) are both important affiliates of the health care industry. They both have capabilities and an assortment of skills which enable them…

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  • Delegation In Nursing Case Study

    Introduction “As defined by The American Nurses Association (ANA), delegation is the transfer of responsibility for the performance of a task from one individual to another while retaining accountability for the outcome” (Kelly, 2012 p. 369) Delegation occurs when a task is assigned based on job description and matching the staff to patient needs (NCSBN, 2005). Decisions on delegation are based on principles according to the individual’s scope of practice. Before any task is delegated, it is…

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  • Essay On Hospital Noise

    While most research has been conducted on the effects of excessive hospital noise on patients, the article by Ryherd, Waye and Ljungkyist (2008) examines the effect of these high noise levels on unit staff. Ninety one percent of nurses surveyed felt that noise negatively affected them in their daily work, and almost half admitted to adjusting alarm levels so that they would not hear them. The literature review conducted by Ryherd et al. revelaed that staff take no action for the majority of…

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  • Active Euthanasia Argument Essay

    doctor or a nurse to help him travel abroad to die with the help of a suicide society in Switzerland (Griffith, 2014). The argument was over the policy made for friends, and family who had emotional ties, are able to assist in a death (Griffith, 2014). The policy was not clear on those without emotional ties to the person committing suicide, such as a nurse or doctor (Griffith, 2014). The UK, has now come up with an Assisted Dying Bill, which provides the terminally ill person possible…

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  • Nursing Leadership Qualities

    The role of a registered nurse is multifaceted. At the core of nursing is the mission of safe patient centered care and it is each and every nurse 's purpose to maintain and carry out this mission. This also means that each and every nurse is a leader. Registered nurses are responsible for the care coordination and safety of all of his or her patients and those of the rest of his or her team. Registered nurses assign practical nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel duties that help to ensure…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Registered Nurse

    thought about what you want to do when you finish high school? I believe becoming a registered nurse would be such an incredible job. Going into nursing gives you so many opportunities in life. When you finally become a nurse, you are able to help those in need, like giving them treatments if they are ill. Nursing is one of the majors that has been around for a lifetime and is one of the most in demand profession. For a while, nursing use to just be used for those who were sick without any…

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