Active Euthanasia Argument Essay

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Reported cases of suicide due to terminal illness have been on the rise. Today, there is an increase in terminal illnesses that have plagued our communities. Cancer, ALS, and diabetes are all among some of these illnesses that people suffer from each and every day. For some, to be told that it is unlawful to take your own life due to the suffering you are experiencing, is overwhelming in the least. As a person, we make our own choices and decisions everyday regarding our health, and our families. But when it comes down to being terminally ill, suffering day in and day out, having that choice to end your own life should ultimately be your choice. I support this choice whether it be myself, a loved one or a patient involved. I do not believe …show more content…
This article talks about euthanasia, the active euthanasia and the passive euthanasia. Griffith (2014) stated “Active euthanasia is a process where the death of a person results from a specific act directed at causing their death” (p.94). Griffith (2014) also explained “An intention to relieve suffering by giving sedation and analgesia whose secondary effects are to shorten life is not considered active euthanasia and is lawful under the principle of double effect” (p. 94). Whereas, Griffith (2014) defines passive euthanasia as “distinguished from active euthanasia as the means of ending life is not by the use of a direct action such as lethal injection of drugs but by withholding the treatment and care necessary to keep the person alive” (p.94). Griffith (2014) then goes on to explain “Any withholding or withdrawing of treatment must be on the grounds that such treatment is futile and of no benefit to the patient” (p. 96). Both active and passive euthanasia are unlawful, it is not acceptable for one to stop treatment or to have someone inject a substance to prolong their life from

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