Differences And Similarities Between Health Care And Nursing

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The contemporary time is characterized by heightened expansion of the health care industry. Choosing a career in this sector offers persons with sufficient opportunities to obtain employment in different work environments. It provides a wide range of job choices including nursing and medical assisting. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and medical assistants (MAs) are both important affiliates of the health care industry. They both have capabilities and an assortment of skills which enable them to work in physicians’ offices and ambulatory care centers. By definition, LPN is a nurse whose responsibility is to care for sick, recuperative, injured, as well as disabled individuals. They work under a physician’s direction. On the other hand, MA …show more content…
In this, both LPN and MA perform the same responsibilities. They offer patient care by helping patients with different activities of every day living. These activities encompass wound care, hygiene, changing bandages, feeding, as well as preparing the sick for diagnostic testing, examinations, and other medical procedures. MA and LPN provide ample care to ensure that patients feel comfortable during their stay in the infirmary or during their appointment with the doctor. In addition to this, both LPNs and MAs help prevent the spread of disease or infection by offering a hygienic environment where patients obtain care. For instances, they change bed linens, disinfect shared areas, and clean equipment which are not disposable. Both MA and LPN work in specialized job settings. They include physician’s and doctors offices, nursing homes, hospitals, and home care. They also work in offices of different specialists including podiatrists, chiropractors, as well as dentists among …show more content…
They include writing care plans and filling patients’ conditions. Job responsibilities are clinical in nature and they center on the provision of patient care. LPNs have an array of duties as compared to MAs, and they are necessitated to work autonomously besides making instant decisions concerning patient care. Although LPNs follow directions given by physicians, their skills and capabilities enable them to write care plans for patients. Monitoring and reporting of undesirable drug and treatment reactions are other duties of LPNs. They obtain information regarding patient’s health history, which they employ in filling insurance forms and for referrals. They also share such information with physicians and registered nurses top assist in determining the most excellent care for patients. They are allowed to carry out such duties as administering prescribed drugs and initiating intravenous fluids.
Nursing and medical assisting are one of the most popular jobs in the health care industry. While medical assistants and licensed practical nurses are similar in various aspects, there exist a number of dissimilarities. As discussed in the current paper, the duties of MAs and LPNs are similar in the provision of patient care. Besides, they both work in similar work settings. However, LPNs do fewer administrative duties and focus more on clinical tasks. On the contrary, MAs may focus solely on administrative duties and work under

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