Essay On A Career As A Physician's Assistant

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A career as a physician’s assistant is one of just a few careers that allow you to treat injuries or diagnose illnesses and even assist in surgeries alongside a certified doctor, all without an going through an insane amount of medical school, internships, tests and programs as a normal doctor would. Since physician’s assistants (or PA’s) work under the watchful eye of licensed intelligent physicians, they are required to have the same training but not nearly in as much length or detail. Physician assistant work may be demanding both physically and emotionally, therefore, stability is necessary. Varying in facilities, physician’s assistants are required to work full time, crazy hours or sometimes-on call. This job requires rigorous training as most all tasks on the job require you to follow a strict protocol as not to put patients …show more content…
Required is a vast amount of skills, in order for one to communicate with patients better and as clear and respectful as possible. Considering this job requires being social and working with patients for their needs, to excel on the job it would be helpful to have exceptional communication skills. Social, investigative and realistic interests will also aid in striving to be the best in this field. PA 's work under the direct supervision of a doctor. The current way that PA 's can develop their skills are through research, teaching and training. To become first assistants in surgery and running outpatient clinics and post-surgical follow ups, they must spend time proving themselves worthy. Tasks they perform include medical history taking, interpreting EKG and puncture/blood draws, among others. Only some PA’s can legally prescribe medicine, or controlled substances. Each of the 50 states has different laws regarding the prescription of medications by mid-level practitioners within that particular State through the Drug Enforcement

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