A Career As A Medical Assistant

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Medical Assistants have essential roles in physician offices, working directly with patients and doctors; they must provide clinical care to patients and fulfill administrative duties in the office. To pursue a career as a Medical Assistant a person will need to be flexible, versatile, responsible, sensible, disciplined, and knowledgeable and show empathy and compassion. Many people choose their career path in the healthcare industry for numerous of reasons whether it be financial stability, improving the quality of patient care, or it fitting into your educational goals. There are many job opportunities in the healthcare industry and certainly as a Medical Assistant, but no matter the job, you choose the role you will serve is very important. …show more content…
There are many duties for a Medical Assistant such as administering oral medications, topical, or intramuscular injections, performing EKG’s also known as Electrocardiograms. Medical Assistants also help physicians during exams, explaining medical procedures, removing sutures from a wound, phlebotomy-drawing blood, filling out patient charts, insurance forms, or medical records. They also order lab tests, schedule patient appointments, and more importantly, they serve and protect the practice and patients by adhering to procedures and policies at the Local, State, and Federal level.
There are many reasons why I choose to become a Medical Assistant but by far the most important reason was being helpful and supportive of Grandmother when my late Uncle became sick. When I began high school, I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field as something, but I was not sure what that something would be. This decision came about in 2002 when my late Uncle Richard who had Down Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that causes physical and intellectual disabilities, became very ill. My late grandmother who is also,
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The healthcare industry is continuously growing and changing at a significant rate. As, the baby boomer generation and the United States population continues to grow there will always be a need for medical care. Medical Assistants are the glue that holds a medical office together, with no heart there is no

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