Licensed Professional Counselor

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  • Licensed Professional Counselor

    My future career is a Licensed Professional Counselor. It took some different thoughts and paths to figure out that this is what I wanted to do. First, I started college wanted to be a physical therapist then got into some of the anatomy courses which showed me that the medical field was not for me. It had too much graphic pictures and videos for me to continue in that career choice, so I started thinking more in depth and came to conclusion I enjoyed helping people. After a year of being an undecided major, I took some psychology classes and took a leap towards counseling. I wanted to help people better themselves, and as time passed I now want to primary work with children and adolescents in the mental health field. Another reason I leaned…

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  • Code Of Ethics In Professional Counseling

    The foundation format, provided for the professional to become state licensed or certified fosters, with the understanding of practices and the scope as a substance abuse counselor with guidelines. First, we must review, define, and analyze “the Scopes of Practice developed by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)”, which defines a Scope of Practice as follows:  “ Defined as rules, regulations, and the boundaries within which a fully qualified practitioner; with substantial and…

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  • Boundaries In Counseling

    and relationship because every person and situation is unique and calls for different kinds of relationships. The Key is to follow the guidelines layout by your state and given counseling association you use as to what the boundary and counseling relationship should entail. The vignette entitled Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals from Sommers, Feldman, and Knowlton uses several short videos to discuss several boundaries issues using a licensed counselor…

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  • Transdisciplinary Service Delivery Case Study Nursing

    challenge of making informed decisions amidst heated debates over the most effective treatment approaches for their patients. One of the most controversial topics for speech-language pathologists and a team of health care professionals dealing with parents who have different opinions about their child’s health care. This paper will investigate a controversial case study not only from the perspective of a speech therapist, but also from the perspective of a licensed professional counselor (LPC).…

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  • State Credentialing Board

    Analysis of State Credentialing Board Professional counseling practice is a field that is governed by various regulations and credentialing standards that govern the practices of these professionals. In order to improve the effectiveness of their practice, counselors need to be aware of issues and opinions associated with the regulation of their professional practice. The process of becoming aware of opinions and issues relating to counseling practice involves seeking regulation, which…

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  • Psychotherapy: Diverging Christian Counseling

    even after the hurtful experiences in life. Biblical explanations tend to pose a challenge to human being making them optimistic in facing life. Here is the need for Christian counselors to maintain the pace through carrying gout much research and practicing some of the confirmed activities that have been confirmed to work. If human beings can choose to respond to the challenges gotten from militant secularism,…

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  • College Essay On My Career Goal

    My undergraduate career to date has been a process of reacquainting myself with my strengths and values - and learning about the possibilities open to me - that culminated in choosing a firm goal: becoming a psychological counselor. Since making that decision, I have worked to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to build a solid foundation for graduate-level training, and now seek a Master 's degree in counseling psychology in preparation for becoming a Licensed Professional…

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  • Counseling: A Rewarding Degree

    Counseling is a rewarding career path to choose. Counseling allows for an understanding of human behavior, emotions, and thinking. It is a great opportunity for individuals to discover support in a safe, nurturing environment. This journey is an on-going as the knowledge to gain is always changing. I address the numerous reasons I am seeking this counseling degree, characteristics of a counselor, application of characteristics in the field, transferable skills, and overall goals in the…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: A Personal Experience

    Given my long history with fear and anxiety, I had an inexplicable interest both in gaining a deeper understanding of how my experiences had impacted me and in helping others who had been in similar or worse situations explore their mental and emotional state in order to achieve mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. That desire was, however hindered by fear — the cornerstone of low self-esteem for many people who grow up in situations like mine. My childhood and positive…

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  • Counseling: My Most Rewarding Career Field

    always true. I had asked many people that I interacted with in everyday life what they thought a counselor really does, and many of those answers really shocked me and…

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