Clinical psychology

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  • Clinical Psychology Disadvantages

    Clinical Psychology has been a career that I have wanted to pursue since I was young. I chose this this career because growing up I had a major psychological issue that had me open my eyes to the type of issues that this field consist of. My personal experiences from my past and remembering the things I felt at that time help motivate me for this career path. Noticing that many teenagers and young adults and some families go through many problems and not feeling comfortable enough to go to anybody or even feeling unable to afford such treatment, I want to be able to help those people. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Clinical, counseling, and school psychologist diagnose and treat mental disorders; learning disabilities; and cognitive,…

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  • Clinical Psychology Essay

    Within the Clinical psychology field, there are a variety of subcategories and specializations one can work in. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines typical work of a Clinical Psychologist as to “assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, n.d., tab 2) In general, clinical psychologists use their knowledge of these disorders to help individuals cope with stressors and to modify ways of thinking or behaviors that may be…

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  • Clinical Psychology Research Paper

    Clinical Psychology The science of studying people through observation, experiment, and investigation of behaviors in different situation ( is called clinical psychology, which is the most practice subfield in psychology. Clinical psychology is a subfield in psychology that its goal is to change the behavior to its normal form by focusing on mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. Therefore, not only clinical psychologists treat the disorders, but also prevent them from happening…

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  • Pursuing Clinical Health Psychology

    Clinical health psychology is an area of health psychology that focuses on treating individuals. Professionals pursuing clinical health psychology careers often focus on how an individual's lifestyle and behavior might affect his overall health. Clinical health psychologists will also usually work with individuals to help change bad habits or overcome lifestyle problems that may be affecting their physical health. (Becoming a, n.d.) Similarities and Differences Similarities in the training and…

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  • Clinical Psychology And Forensic Psychology: A Case Study

    institutions, where they will not receive adequate treatment. This cycling through the criminal justice system is a serious social problem faced by this country. To improve this situation the current system has to be evaluated and necessary changes have to be implemented. This paper will examine this issue using two sub-disciplines of psychology, clinical psychology and forensic psychology. Clinical psychology was chosen due to the issues relating to the treatment of mental illnesses, which will…

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  • Clinical Psychology Personal Statement

    I began college interested in psychology mainly because I was extremely influenced by the work my uncle does as a school psychologist. But while I was in the middle of my third year, a friend and co-worker of mine had lost her fifteen-year-old brother to suicide. I tried in any way I could to help her, but it was impossible. I thought about the situation for months, what was going through his mind, and what I could have done to prevent it from ever happening. This experience lead me to want to…

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  • Clinical Psychology: Personal Statement

    As a young child, I was constantly around the world of clinical psychology. My father, Barry C. Lipin, is an alumnus of ISPP; he now teaches part-time and has been in private practice for more than 20 years. What attracts me to this program however, is not simply the history that it holds to me nor the fact that my father was a graduate. Rather, I was immediately attracted by the accommodating faculty and staff, the comprehensive overview of the program, as well as the possibilities to work with…

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  • Child Clinical Psychology Research Paper

    Child Clinical Psychology Rionnah L. O’Neal Texas A&M University - Commerce Author Note This document was prepared for Aspects of Psychology (Psychology 214), Section 01W, taught by Professor Shirley Allen-Craun. Abstract This paper was constructed for an Aspects of Psychology course that outlines the different career paths you can take with a degree in Psychology. This report covers what a child clinical psychologist is, some of the skills that may be beneficial in the career, the steps…

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  • My Reflection For The Practice Of Clinical Psychology

    Reflection Paper It is 2024, 5 years since I graduated from HELP University’s Bachelor of Psychology programme. I am a certified clinical psychologist registered under the _, which is the official _ that overlooks the practice of clinical psychology in Malaysia. I provide my service at a private therapy centre. At the same time, I supervise interns to nurture the next generation of ethical and competent clinical psychologists. This internship programme also benefits clients who are in need for…

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  • Clinical Psychology: A Personal Analysis

    GSU scientific approach not only provide knowledge about the activities conducted by clinical psychologists but hands-on demonstrations of these activities in a professional setting such as the psychology clinic on the GSU campus. This type of education approach is the best fit for me because I am efficient at learning new knowledge and skills and applying them such as with my parents, volunteer experience, and as an intake specialist. Furthermore, GSU have Page Anderson, Erin Tully, and…

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