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  • Westjet Airlines Case Analysis: Westjet Airlines In Canada

    WestJet Airlines Case Analysis WestJet Airlines was founded in 1996 in Calgary, Alberta. Clive Beddoe, Don Bell, Mark Hill, and Tim Morgan got together to create an airlines that stood apart from the other airlines in Canada. They wanted to create a low-fare carrier in Canada similar to what Southwest Airlines was in the United States. Another big part of their airlines was the company environment and culture. WestJet Airlines started off small by only working in certain regions in Canada. This quickly changed as more and more opportunities were becoming available to expand. WestJet Airlines major competitors were struggling and they seized the opportunity to move into other markets. WestJet Airlines had created a very unique culture. Most…

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  • Significance Of The Chestnut Tree In Jane Eyre

    Evaluating Passionate Text: Significance of the Chestnut Tree in Jane Eyre The thunder rumbled through the clouds and as a sudden streak flashed across the sky; the lightning violently hit the tree and the repercussions of this (God-like) action had little arcs that danced across the thick, black sky. The tree hung in despair and disbelief, almost as if it were a weeping willow instead of a horse chestnut tree. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, “the chestnut tree is hit by lightning on the…

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  • Marketing Case Study: Westjet

    WestJet About WestJet- I would love to work for this airline for the reasons below. WestJet is known for the friendly atmosphere on board, and camaraderie between the passengers and the crew members. They are also known for providing exceptional customer service at a discounted price. What many people may not know about WestJet is it was founded in 1996 by Clive Beddoe. They started off very small with only three aircrafts, and five destinations. WestJet is also very giving to those in need.…

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