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  • Bullying Ethos

    doesn’t do enough about homophobia and lets it slide leading him to be unhappy and pushing people away. In continuance of Kurt’s story after a particularly hard push from one Karofsky Kurt confronts him and after a tirade of Kurt telling Karofsky “You can’t punch the gay out of me, as much as I can’t punch the ignoramus out of you” Karofsky kisses him, leading to Kurt’s first kiss. In a much more memorable time later Kurt meets Blaine after sneaking to see how it is at an all-boys academy and tells him all of what happened. In which, Blaine and Kurt later try to reason with Karofsky telling him how confused and uncertain he must be about his homosexual feelings, he denies any such feelings. Kurt starts to cry about the stolen kiss from a closeted bully when Blaine then gives Kurt a much more appreciated kiss. This episode is a great example of bullying, inner turmoil, and triumph throughout and being an actual gay adult in life Kurt knows how it feels to be degraded and put down for being who you are. Consequently, teachers who ignore what’s right in their face is a problem in most schools prone to bullying, the teachers either don’t do enough to help or the teen in question feels they don’t need help because their pride is too big and they don’t need pity. In a second main plot of this episode is based on the unintentional bullying of a school teacher, Coach Beiste, who is the school’s football coach. In comparison to Kurt’s story whose was quite sad, Coach Beiste is quite…

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  • Benefits Of Bisexual Dating

    Bisexual Dating – Finding an Appropriate and Genuine Community Online. Summary: The fact that we have only this life to live and everyday becomes a new day makes living in this world a choice to make whether to live it the way you want or follow the society demands. Bisexual dating is not allowed in most societies and we can not deny the fact that such people exist and in large numbers. It is hard to believe but as long as you are not a single person attracted to another single person of a…

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  • Gay Rights Research Paper

    Dating as far back as the 1920s, LGBT individuals were mistreated on a daily basis and beatings were prevalent because a majority of establishments did not openly welcomed homosexuals. The few establishments that did choose to entertain LGBT individuals were most often reclusive bars and clubs. These bars and clubs served as a refuge or safe haven for closeted closeted individuals. However these establishments began to quickly serve as a target for law enforcement. Police officers began to raid…

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  • Self Identification In Tony Kushner's Angels In America

    if that means he will have to go to Hell for it. He no longer fears how his wife, his religion and his relationship with Roy affects the way he feels about men and how he feels about himself. His fight with self versus individual is over by the end of Millennium Approaches when he gives into his relationship with Louis, and develops feelings for him in Perestroika. Joe also shares a close connection with another character in the play. Joe and Roy are a lot alike in the way the fear their self…

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  • Being Closeted Essay

    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community makes up a big part of the nation we live in. This particular group of people has faced many prejudicial difficulties throughout history, specifically speaking, the history of New York City. Members of the LGBT community were not typically socially accepted by most individuals. Many individuals felt that they were too different from society’s norms which resulted in their targeted discrimination. A lot of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and…

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  • Coming Out Reflection

    On National Coming Out Day the rainbow center held an event for students to listen to poetry and other students’ personal experiences with coming out. Walking in I was a little nervous and was not sure what to expect. No one in my family or my close friends have ever dealt with coming out, so this was new to me. Although I was not very knowledgeable about what it is like to come out, I was still interested in learning about what other people have gone through. As I walked in my eyes went first…

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  • Hair Colors: A Short Story

    It’s always the hardest thing in the world to let out a secret that you’ve been holding in your whole life. The day I first told my biggest secret, in that exact moment, my mind couldn’t decide whether it was the best or worst decision of my life. It was January 1st 2014, the beginning of a brand new year. Usually when theres a new year approaching, people feel as if they need to change something about themselves. Change can be a new style of clothing, to a different hair color. But no matter…

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  • Why Gays Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

    Imagine being born into a family with green eyes and everyone related to you has brown eyes. You might feel different, not understood, or even alone at some points. If you would feel that way, then how do you think children born into the LGBT community feel after realizing their sexuality is a unique one? As parents, first time or not, you all need to grasp the painstaking reality of who your child is interested in. Parents should accept their children no matter what their sexual orientation…

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  • Milk Film Analysis

    There are plenty of films that involve the issues that homosexuals face in their everyday lives, but one that I found that involved gay people in politics was Outrage(2009). This film is a documentary directed by Kirby Dick which broadcasts the hypocrisy that is closeted politicians that are for anti-gay legislation. The overall theme of creating a collective memory that embodies how politicians are against gay rights is present, but the aspect of closeted gays is also present in both films.…

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  • Pride And Prejudice The Movie Essay

    Being black and homosexual is some people eyes is two of the most deviant things that a person could be. Being a woman on top of all that just really puts the icing on the cake. The movie I watched was called Pariah. It was the story of a young black masculine identified woman who is maneuvering through her life trying to figure out her sexuality. This movie was deviant because of its focus on homosexuality and masculine presenting women. It is the portrayal of the life as a closeted stud living…

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