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  • The Theme Of Emotions In Tim Burton's Films

    has a way of giving off a pitiful, scared, or uneasy feeling toward a character that will later on be the “good guy.” Burton has always had a love for childlike stories and films, and now in almost all of his movies a child, teen, or someone with a childlike mentality is the main character. This makes the audience want to care even more. Tim Burton has accomplished how to use close-up, long shots, and color contrast to portray an emotion. For example, in the movie Edward Scissorhands, for example, when Peg found Edward Burton made the audience feel scared for her as she walked up the long dark staircase. Tim…

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  • The Equalizer Film Analysis

    The audience gets a sense that the film was filmed in one go creating a logical coherence between shots. During the initial fight scene, dissolve and wipes were used to speed up the action, which is another way of involving viewers and getting their attention to anticipate what is going to happen next. It seems as if they planned and directed shots in such a way that they can be cut together smoothly and coherently. You could tell they implemented general cut on action, especially cutting from a…

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  • Hitchcock Voyeurism Analysis

    been a plot to film. The main character’s home is a quaint, ‘two room’ apartment. However, the film takes place solely in the living room which has a kitchenette hidden from view behind a large bookshelf. Other sources address the existence of a bathroom, but there is no sign of a door leading to it. Presumably it is an en suite bathroom to the bedroom, the door of which is visible to the audience. Yet the audience never enters the bedroom; it is only opened once when Lisa goes in to change her…

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  • Dark Shadows Scene Analysis

    harbouring a murder. Barnabas makes an offer of himself and Liz to be arrested if there is no harm to come upon his family. As he does this Tim Burton uses a centred close up camera shot of Carolyn closing their house doors building the tension of the audience as if there was going to be a war between the family and Angie, knowing that she wouldn’t take the deal. As the scene carries on there are a lot of over the shoulder camera shots between Angie and Barnabas as he strangles her. These camera…

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  • Janet Frame's Lifecycle In An Angel At My Table

    Every child in the class in the chewing gum, the teacher looked back to see this scene and let a few people to stand up in succession. This paragraph is done with a close-up shot. When the children answer the teacher questions, shot two switches to Janet until the teacher called out her name. Janet is usually low head embodies the state of her embarrassment and unprepared. She has the explosive yellow hair, face with besmirch, also wearing the sweater looks dirty. The teacher with a steel drum…

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  • Mise En Scene In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

    Elizabeth’s conflicting feelings for Mr. Darcy. Through the use of diegetic sounds, the scene will give the audience a glimpse of the inner thoughts of Elizabeth and how her body language portrays it. Hints of the sun can be seen peeking behind the clouds, and the sun begins to light up the setting when Jane enters. This represents the joy that Jane has over her…

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  • Iphone 6s Advertisement Analysis

    The iPhone 6s shows an element of stationary change. The fast nature from scene to characters gave the impression of a connected society, that everyone is interconnected through the phone, which is the only constant in every scene. The characters change scenery from a club, at home, in a restaurant etc. However, their actions are all the same: dependency on the phone. It gives the audience the feeling that the environment moves around the phone; and with the rapid changing pace, it forces the…

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  • Unit 3 Exercise 1 Stand-Ups Case Study

    EXERCISE 1 As Wenger and Potter (2015) assert, “stand-ups can serve several functions, so it’s important to know in advance what you’re trying to accomplish with an on-camera segment” (p. 284). Personally, I would need to prepare myself thoroughly and conduct some research of my own to learn more about the topic at hand. My goal as a reporter is to establish credibility on the subject and be able to project confidence to the audience (Wenger and Potter, 2015). According to Wenger and Potter…

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  • For Colored Girls Analysis

    drunk and doesn’t take his medication. This type of abuse continues until the day Crystal is driven home by her boss Jo Red (Janet Jackson) to pick up important papers she had forgotten. Crystal walks in to Beau Willie (Michael Ealy) drinking which allows us to generate a terrifying outcome for this scene because of the silence and figure behavior used. This scene escalates leading to him throwing their children out of their 5th floor window, killing them both. As this scene occurs viewers are…

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  • An Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Film Rope

    We have both men in close proximity to the victim. One is holding him from behind, while the other is strangulating him. The image following it adds to this, as both Brandon and Phillip cram David into the chest. They both are heaving looking simultaneously relieved and excited. The lighting is coming from the right side of the screen, reminding us that they buried their sexuality just as they did David in that chest. This is a secret performance only for their eyes. It’s no doubt that…

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