The Theme Of Emotions In Tim Burton's Films

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Feeling as though you don’t belong in an a certain place or that everyone is staring at you as though you have done something wrong, but really you’re just being yourself. This is something Tim Burton knows all too well on how to portray in his films. Burton has a way of giving off a pitiful, scared, or uneasy feeling toward a character that will later on be the “good guy.” Burton has always had a love for childlike stories and films, and now in almost all of his movies a child, teen, or someone with a childlike mentality is the main character. This makes the audience want to care even more. Tim Burton has accomplished how to use close-up, long shots, and color contrast to portray an emotion. For example, in the movie Edward Scissorhands, for example, when Peg found Edward Burton made the audience feel scared for her as she walked up the long dark staircase. Tim …show more content…
This showed how different these worlds are and it makes the audience feel curious about what is going to happen to her while in Wonderland. Tim Burton had Alice wear a bright blue dress as she first intered Wonderland and throughout the movie her clothes got darker and darker, this indicates she belong there. In addition to, in Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton was able to establish this effect with the homes in the neighborhood. Edward’s home was on the top of this dark long hill; and once you went up the hill you saw the baffling dark mansion. However at the bottom of the long hill were “regular” sized bright pastel colored homes with cars that matched to home to the right of it. This display shows how he hill and mansion does not fit in with this uniformed neighborhood. In addition to Edwards clothes did not match the neighborhoods clothes at all. People in the neighborhood wore bright color clothes while Edwards wore a dark, fitted, rough

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