The Equalizer Film Analysis

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“The Equalizer” directed by Antoine Fuqua is a unique Action- Thriller. It is unique in the way certain aspects of “Mise-en-scene” are used. This film is different from those you usual see in this genre because, in the beginning, it doesn’t jump right into the action. The Director takes his time showing us what type of characters the main characters are like, especially the lead character. He makes sure to show us that he is a meticulous and calculated person from the way he shaves his head, to the way he times how long it takes him to get ready in the morning. On the other side he is a personable character who it seems is liked by his co-workers, and people that encounter him in a friendly manner. The director dwells on details like that for …show more content…
The audience gets a sense that the film was filmed in one go creating a logical coherence between shots. During the initial fight scene, dissolve and wipes were used to speed up the action, which is another way of involving viewers and getting their attention to anticipate what is going to happen next. It seems as if they planned and directed shots in such a way that they can be cut together smoothly and coherently. You could tell they implemented general cut on action, especially cutting from a wide shot of the main character during the fight scene when he stuck the corkscrew in the man’s chin to a tighter shot of man’s face with corkscrew stuck in his chin, showing through his open mouth piercing out of his tongue. This was a remarkable edit that showed the main character has no mercy for those who cross and push him to the limit. The style used in “The Equalizer” is very entertaining and is a great way to complement the various styles of filmmaking. Antoine Fuqua has a unique eye for directing films, and will probably be recorded in History as one of the most unique and brilliant directors of his time. There are reports of a sequel being released sometime mid-2018, it would be interesting to see what differences and similarities it has compared to the first one in regards to the aspects of

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