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  • American History X Film Analysis

    prison and the experience changed his view on black people. The purpose of the first scene was to show how dark and twisted Derek’s past was. For example the kurb stomp scene, where Derek brutally murders a black man. The purpose of the second scene was to show how the Derek as a character has evolved from a black hating, white supremacists to a kind loving brother. In the movie Tony Kaye uses many camera techniques effectively to show the characters emotion, thought and to create tension. The scene starts with a mid shot Danny in his room looking at memorabilia of his…

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  • Transformation In Ginger Snaps

    Medium close up. This shot is exactly the same as shot number 2, except that it can be categorized as a reaction shot from Ginger as she slows down and realizes how frantic she was; however, she soon aggressively speeds things up again that ultimately leads to fear and anxiety from Jason. These last three shots are rather slow placed relative to the rest of them because tensions are low, the scene is still relatively calm, and Ginger’s transformation into the monstrous feminine is not yet…

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  • Hamlet Opening Scene Analysis

    William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. Recreations range from plays to movies, and each one adds its own level of darkness. One recreation is the 2000 version of Hamlet starring Blair Brown, Roscoe Lee Browne, Campbell Scott, Lisa Gay Hamilton, and Jamey Sheridan, and directed by Campbell Scott and Eric Simonson. This version of Hamlet that we watched in class gives its own twist and darkness that the story needs. The opening shot of the movie is a close up of many different statues and their…

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  • Film Analysis Of Some Like It Hot

    when character, Sugar; played by Marilyn Monroe is in the shot. By using choosing to use this glamourous white high key lighting grants the director the aesthetic of a Hollywood genre film. The screenplay of this film includes very exaggerated behavior from the actors/actresses. By exaggerating lines, actions, and behavior creates a masterpiece musical comedy; combining these two elements of film makes “Some Like It Hot” an all around pleasing film to watch. Besides this film, Gene Kelly’s and…

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  • Atonement Film Analysis

    in part one is now shown muddy and un-kept with a severe open chest wound. The audience recognises that this is now the face of the man who has suffered not only from the harsh realities of war but has also lost out on all the opportunities that once lay in front of him before he was imprisoned. Throughout part two, series of flashbacks are used from Robbie’s point of view to fill in gaps in Robbie and Cecilia’s story. In the first flashback, Cecilia gives Robbie a photograph of a cottage. This…

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  • Vertigo Film Analysis

    In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 film, Vertigo, certain shots have a certain compositional symmetry and balance to them that helps draw our attention, as viewers, to individual characters, namely that of Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton, portrayed by Kim Novak (because she has these two roles, I will be referring to her actual name when making reference to her). Various balanced shots in the film use Novak as a literally dividing figure, creating a down-the-line symmetry. By looking at these shots one by…

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  • The Giant's Fight Scene Analysis

    The Giant’s fighting scene from Spike Lee’s Mo’s better blues is a really interesting scene in terms of lighting scheme, camera composition, etc. The sequence opens with an establishing master shot #1 of Giant going to the restroom. Shot #2 is a medium close up shot of Giant. Behind him are two men peeking from the stalls. This foreshadows the trouble Giant might be facing. The director uses the division of surface in order to show the conflict between the men and Giant. The focus of the shot…

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  • Jaws Conclusion

    The connection between an audience and the story unfolding onscreen facilitates a reaction necessary to create an emotional impact. The connection is made possible by the films form due to music, shots, and editing. Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) succeeded in terrorizing its viewers through such techniques, creating a fictitious environment that could very well become their actual reality. Kenneth Burke states that “any given terminology is a reflection of reality, by its very nature as a…

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  • Textual Analysis Of Inception

    I feel that I order to capture and grasp the idea that the two men are challenging gravity while figthing most of the shot (1:58 – 2:12) have to be long in order to emphasis how the background and charcters are spinning and the effects are, for example from 1:12 to 1;14 you can see the long shot of the two men fighting but the thing that seems to be quite insignificant is the gun that dropped also react to the shift in gravity and sticks to the ceiling, the attention to detain from Nolan in this…

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  • Koyaanisqatsi Film Analysis

    Deconstruction of Koyaanisqatsi (Godfrey Reggio, 1983) by Natalie Bakeer Koyaansiqatsi is paced and sequenced in an interesting manner. The way the shots are sequenced, affect how people think and feel about the film. The pace of the shots, along with the powerful score, by Phillip Glass, determine the feelings viewers get as they watch it. Sometimes Reggio decided what to shoot only after Glass came up with the music that would end up energizing Reggio’s films. Reggio chose to shoot unscripted…

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