Low-key lighting

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  • Examples Of Low Key Lighting In Tim Burton

    “Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me” - Tim Burton. In Tim Burton’s films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edwards Scissorhands, and Alice in Wonderland he uses low key lighting, high key lighting, and non-diegetic sounds to create suspense and suspicion, bright and open looking scenes, and happy or spooky moods. For people to feel the suspense and suspicion in the movies, Tim Burton uses low key lighting in the scenes to create a spooky mood. For example, In the movie Alice in Wonderland, Alice is walking through the forest alone where there are a lot of shadows and darkness and it makes you feel worried for her safety and there is no light. Also when Alice is in the room with all the doors it is very dark…

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  • Hamlet Opening Scene Analysis

    It opens with Polonius burning what looks like very official papers and documents. This scene has a variety of different camera angles, lighting, and background music. Throughout the introduction the camera angels change from an establishing shot to a more balanced shot with the camera scanning the room around the actors. The music in the background became more intense as this scene progressed. The directors did a good job at keeping the audience on edge during this scene by showing all of the…

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  • Schizophrenia In Ron Howard's Film A Beautiful Mind

    utilized film noir, characterisation and mise-en-scene to allow the audience to better understand the sufferer and the social stigma their illness incurs. Through Howard’s powerful use of film noir he deceptively draws the viewer into Nash’s ‘life’; allowing us to ride the experiences of the protagonist’s all-consuming notion of his real experiences. Throughout the first culmination of second act ‘the car chase’ scene Howard conveys Nash as powerless due to his descent into a delusional…

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  • Femme Fatale Analysis

    The Attic genre of tragedy shares archetypes and themes with the classic film genre of film noir. Both Greek tragedy and film noir feature femme fatales, women portrayed as devilish or in the role of a killer, the topic of the inevitability of fate is highly prevalent, and both genres incorporate mystery into their stories. “[Film noir is] a low-key black-and-white visual style, with a hard-boiled detective, a femme fatale, rainy streets, murder, and a downbeat ending” (Jukes). The genre of…

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  • Day Trip Film Techniques

    The aspect of characterisation is conveyed through two techniques - acting and lighting. We see this when side lighting is combined with a close-up shot. This highlights only half of Willy's face, leaving the other half in shadow. This makes him appear intimidating, emphasising his tough exterior. It also suggests how he is torn between staying true to himself as a gang member and wanting to escape his unfulfilling life in a gang. The low key lighting in the house contrasts with the high key…

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  • Scream Queens Analysis

    the narrative. In the pilot episode, there were extreme close ups, medium, long, tracking shots and low, high and eye level angels. Each shot and angel help unfold the narrative of the show. For example, when Chanel is standing on top of the stairs and the new pledges come in the camera has a shot of the pledges looking up at Chanel. The shot is called a low angel because the camera shot up which conveys Chanel as powerful and intimidating. In addition, there is a scene where Grace and Zayday…

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  • Tim Burton Style Analysis

    whether it’s a dark, or a joyful scene. Tim Burton uses a variation of lighting techniques to portray the emotion and tone of the scenes. To begin with, Burton's use of lighting in the film Alice in Wonderland,…

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  • Mise-En Scene: Mad Max: Fury Road

    the high key lighting bringing out the theme but the one that stuck out to me was the one when Max was on the back of the Beetle care with the bad guy driving. Then they crash and Max woke up with the sun beaming down on him and Max has to do whatever from here on out to stay away from the bad guys and survive. The high key lighting in this scene helps the audience see what the landscape looks like in the new world. It shows how sandy and destroyed and uninhabitable the world is. Max wakes up…

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  • The Notebook Movie Analysis

    The Notebook’s stance that freedom is formed through falling in love is conveyed through the films use of varied shot length, costumes, and lighting. Amanda Smith Barusch states that Love stretches beyond our comfort zone, revealing capabilities we didn’t know we had (7).Ally is introduced to freedom, something she wasn’t familiar with, when she falls madly in love with Noah. The Notebook is a romance film about two people who fall in love and go through hell and back to make their relationship…

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  • Observation Essay On Lighting

    Lighting The lights are the first thing the audience experience in this piece, then comes sound and movement. From the begging the lighting design was unique in the since that there was emphasis on the curtains. There were lights shining directly on the wings drapes. They were simply horizontal lines stacking straight up. The choice to have the lights show up first gave the audience time to take in the lights and create their own idea of what the lights represented. There were two sets/types of…

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