Long-term depression

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  • The Long-Term Causes Of The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was when the stock market crashed in America and made many investors and businesses lose their money. It started in 1929 till 1939. One long-term cause that caused the Great Depression was the decline in industry. An example of the industry declining is when the railroad industry closed because cars and buses were being produced and becoming popular. This led to the railroad industry laying off workers and eventually shut down. If workers get laid off, they won’t have any money to feed themselves. Another long-term factor that caused the Great Depression was because people were buying on margin (borrowing money to buy a stock) in the stock market and using the method speculation. Speculation was buying a stock and hoping…

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  • Memory Erasure In Film

    memory of the event. Initially, when shown a picture of Titus, the victim said that he looked closest to her attacker’s physical appearance. As the victim was questioned by the police, her continuous recollection of the incident blurred the details of her attacker’s true face, thus consolidating Titus’ face with her attacker’s simply because they looked similar (Loftus). Loftus goes on to explain that false memories are an extremely common occurrence, and can easily be manipulated by both our…

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  • Accuracy Of Memory Essay

    Memory is defined as “The mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving, facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recognizing previous experiences.” Many people rely on their memories and are convinced their memory is always correct. Scientist have tested memory multiple times and found that memory is not all that reliable. Memory has been found to be affected by many factors such as emotions, verbs, selective attention, and many more. The following article explores the ways memories are…

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  • The Importance Of Memory In The Giver

    from the past. There is also no pain, hunger, war, poverty or crime. This is good, however this also includes music, art, color, love, and literature. A world that takes pride in “Sameness”. Equality is good but you also should embrace each other’s differences. Ultimately, being different is what makes us human. Humans live their lives and encounter trials and hardship that has a very strong impact on their character and who they grow up to be. One bad memory can taint someone for life and one…

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  • The Importance Of Memory And Brain Mechanisms

    allow a person to read, to solve problems, and to connect with other people. Memory is an essential function of the brain for a person to live, learn, and interact with others. Working memory and long-term memory, how memories are formed and maintained, and memory problems are all a part of the brain’s everyday functions. Working memory is the very first part to storing memories long-term. Working memory is brief and immediate memory for the material that is currently being processed. Part of…

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  • Analysis Of Inside Out

    Riley, the main character in the hit movie Inside Out finds herself in one of the biggest struggles of her eleven-year-old life, she’s moving. She not just moving across town, but moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. The main portion of this movie takes place inside Riley’s head where her emotions control her actions and behaviors as well as create memories for her (Doctor, 2015). The characters inside her head are the five main emotions that every person carries, which include: joy, sadness,…

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  • Sleep Deprivation During Pregnancy

    This sleep deprivation study titled Maternal sleep deprivation at different stages of pregnancy impairs the emotional and cognitive functions, and suppresses hippocampal long-term potentiation in the offspring rats was conducted by six researchers known as Peng, Y., Wang, W., Tan, T., He, W., Dong, Z., Wang, Y., & Han H. They proceeded with this study by obtaining male and female Sprague–Dawley rats from Chongqing Medical University Animal Care Centre. Next, they took these rats to the…

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  • Media Multitasking: A Literature Review

    Introduction The world is inundated with the media and multitasking. Therefore, with information so readily accessible that it seems almost impossible for your working and short-term memory to retrieve and hold memory in the mind. This article investigated how the attention of impulse relates to level of which participants multitasked with the media. The study hypothesized that frequent multitasking induces psychosocial and cognitive differences or whether the participants with these differences…

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  • Essay On Infantile Amnesia

    My research interests are focused on molecular mechanisms of memory formation during infancy. I’m very interested in exploring how experiences during infancy results in hippocampal long-lasting changes, which influence adult behavior. Traumatic early life experiences can predispose individuals to psychopathologies, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), borderline personality disorder, addiction, depression and anxiety1-4. Paradoxically, episodic memories formed during infancy are…

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  • Sleep Insight And Memory Essay

    performance/coordination, and increases one’s ability to pay attention and remember new information. The benefits of getting adequate hours of sleep, in turn have drastic effects on one’s health if they do not obtain enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is known to cause a variety of issues like obesity, depression, and hypertension. Like health issues, sleep deprivation has serious effects on one’s cognitive processing…

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