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  • Reflection On The Humans Of Longview Project

    The Humans of Longview project was one of the project that I was really apprehensive about as I dislike talking to strangers, and it makes me uncomfortable. When the assignment was announced, I was afraid that I would not be able to approach strangers as I have been told that my countenance scared people. As a result, I spent almost two month thinking about the project and how I would approach my first stranger. I thought about the various questions I could ask people. I even thought about the questions that would be appropriate to the age group. I believe that my greatest challenge was to overcome my fears, and step out of my comfort zone, even though it was just talking to people in Longview. This fear, however, diminished after I managed…

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  • Why Boredom Is Boring

    Boredom is anything but boring. Some may say that it’s irrelevant. That it’s an emotion that’ll be faced a lot. That it’s simply a part of life. That there’s no need to fret over it-and that’s where they’re wrong. See, boredom is a unique emotion. It is more than the absence of stimulation; there are feelings behind it, ranging from indifference to strong aggression. Students everywhere will say that their classes are boring them. Sitting at a desk all day taking notes or reading long, drawn out…

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  • Eduardo Paes TED Talk: The Four Commandments Of Cities

    One thing that the City of Longview Washington has going good are the natural parks. In Eduardo Paes TED Talk "The 4 Commandments of Cities" he discussed what the city of the future needs to include. The first commandment that was mentioned was "The City of the future has to be environmentally friendly; and think green" (Paes). One of Longview's biggest attribute would be Lake Sacagawea. The area is full of green plants everywhere, from the trees, grass, and bushes. In the center of the park is…

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  • Ladonna Case Study

    had a close relationship with both his parents that raised him. Document quality of relationships foster parents currently have with their parents: Foster Parent One: LaDonna reports her mother passed away almost 10 years ago and her father did remarried a women named Judy. She states she speaks with him monthly and meets in Longview/ Tyler area for every three to four months for dinner. Foster Parent…

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  • Environmental Management Interview

    in North America, 6 in Canada, 5 in Germany, 1 in China, 1 in Taiwan, 1 in the United Kingdom and 1 in India. Westlake manufactures two primary petrochemicals within their Olefins business segment - ethylene and styrene monomer. Westlake also produces vinyl resin products that are key ingredients to making some of the world's most prevalent items, including residential siding, pipe and fittings for various water, sewer and industrial applications, PVC profiles for windows, doors, fence, and…

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  • Bernie Satire

    disturbing. Although the film begins with an unusual opening of a jolly and flamboyant mortician conducting a procedure on a corpse for a guest lecture, Bernie morphs into a dark irony. As he prepares the dead for burial, he explains his ideology behind his work. He addresses and disclaims the frequent questioning of people asking him why he would ever wish to be a mortician. “Their souls are already with the Lord by the time I’m involved. It’s just my way to serve—to take care of [their…

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  • Put-Back Argumentative Essay

    An offensive rebound and put-back attempt by ETBU’s Junior Mitchell led the visiting Tigers to a 56-54 win over LeTourneau University on Saturday in Longview. The YellowJackets (9-13, 6-7 ASC) had forced a desperation 3-point attempt by Dylan Augustine with the shot clock winding down before an alert Mitchell came in from the perimeter for the game-winning, put-back attempt with seven seconds to go. LeTourneau called a timeout and looked to set up a play to send the contest overtime. However,…

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  • Place Of Worship Report

    Recently I was tasked with the assignment of going to a place of worship to experience another style different then the type of church I go to . I attend Rollins Church of Christ in Longview, Texas where the pastor is Reverend Ricky Lawler. We are a small place of worship which holds usually 85 to 100 people on Sunday Service. We had the option to choose to go to a Catholic church or Charismatic church. On November 5th, 2014 a fellow classmate and I decided to attend Wednesday night service at…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Life In High School

    in handy down the road. I went to High School at Toutle Lake. On my first day, I met my best friend at recess. I was walking around, doing something, and Curtis came over and said, “Hi, I’m Curtis. Want to be friends?” I’ve had other friends come and go, (most of my friends moved away), but Curtis has always been by my side. When I heard about the Running Start program, I was excited about it. Instinctively, I told my best friend about it, and now we both attend Lower Columbia College. Over a…

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  • Essay On African Americans After The Civil War

    man who committed a crime. Whites would torture the man often killing him. The governor of Mississippi even mentioned that if every black in the state had to be lynched, then let it be to maintain white supremacy. Fast forward to the summer of 1919 and not much has changed when speaking about whites having supremacy over African Americans. In fact, there were many race riots that evolved. African Americans were moving out of the South, finding successful careers, and declared their civil rights…

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