Why Boredom Is Boring

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Boredom is anything but boring. Some may say that it’s irrelevant. That it’s an emotion that’ll be faced a lot. That it’s simply a part of life. That there’s no need to fret over it-and that’s where they’re wrong. See, boredom is a unique emotion. It is more than the absence of stimulation; there are feelings behind it, ranging from indifference to strong aggression. Students everywhere will say that their classes are boring them. Sitting at a desk all day taking notes or reading long, drawn out articles could easily lead to boredom. Clearly. But we need to be much more concerned about this than we currently are. We need to make school more entertaining because students everywhere are bored, boredom can lead to substance abuse and mental health problems, there are no downsides to engaging students, and it’s easy to make school fun. A big cause of boredom is doing repetitive and pointless tasks in which the student has no control over. In case you’ve never realized it, that’s schoolwork. Indiana University found that fewer than 2% of students say they are never bored at school. The biggest reason for boredom is because they “don’t like school.” Nearly one half of students feel that teacher lectures are not engaging at all. The second …show more content…
They claim that the more time is spent making lessons engaging, the less time is spent on actual content. That is absolute rigamarole. While it is a partial truth that working hard to make something entertaining means spending less time focusing on content, students will absorb the content better when it seems exciting. It may take up a bit more time. It may take a bit more effort. But the students will actually pay attention. They will actually learn something, as opposed to memorizing it. When the lesson is engaging, the students are engaged. Simple as that. So, making lessons fun does not take away from academics, it adds to them

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