Lack Of Motivation In Education

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While taking the survey I came across certain beliefs that I felt very strong about. There were various beliefs that I found which I could somewhat identify with but did not hold in a very high regard.
The area of teaching, learning, and motivation is not something that is completely foreign to me. Although I do not function as a teacher or instructor in any official capacity, I have had many experiences serving as one. Likewise, my journey in the military has afforded me the opportunity to be a learner in countless different situations. Along with that there have also been plenty of circumstances in my life where motivation has played a factor not only in the process of learning but also in that of teaching.
There is a saying in the military that false motivation is better than no motivation. While
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I believe that a student should do what they can to engage in areas of study that they are motivated to learn about. That being said, no matter how motivated you are to learn something, if the method in which the material is presented does not hold up to a student’s level of expectations then they will not have an optimal learning experience. That is why I believe that the motivation for education is ultimately controlled by the teacher; it is their responsibility to present material in a way that maintains or even further develops a student’s curiosity and inspiration in a particular area of study. The role of the teacher can be seen as somewhat of a tour guide to a world of information that they have embraced so much that they chose to reside there and share it with others. When a student encounters a desire to explore that world, the guide should be there to reveal to them every aspect that they can with a sense of passion and care. Imagine that you took a tour of a part of the world that you’ve always wanted to see but when you finally travel

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