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  • Environmental Effects Of The Hippie Movement

    The Hippie Movement has caused a great amount of change to the environment it has surrounded, which started around Ashbury-Haight Street in San Francisco and has spread throughout the country. Eastern religion, philosophy and political beliefs caused environmentalism, which impacted environmental thinking. Brought to the minds of young people, it helped make environmentalism a mass movement in society. Many young activists created a variety of organizations, events, and campaigns that supported the environment by protecting it from pollutions, war, and other environmental disasters. The Hippie Movement rejected the encounters with mainstream American lifestyles and encouraged the exploration of the environmental thinking of ecology and environmentalism,…

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  • The Environmental Justice Movement: The Civil Rights Movement

    Introduction: The establishment of the environmental justice movement can be seen as one of the largest social matters when dealing with the balance of our earth’s surroundings and civil rights to a variety of ethnical groups. The affairs of the environmental justice movement influenced community members and a large part of the nation to engage back on the issue of disrespect and demand the rights of support that the dumping of waste in their local areas are affecting the lives of human’s…

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  • Environmental Sustainability

    Impact and Accomplishments of Environmental Sustainability Movement Environmental sustainability as a social movement has grown and evolved to be a societal phenomenon, gathering massive supporters, advocates, global recognition and political interest. The movement since its inception, has recorded a great deal of accomplishments worthy of note. Perhaps the most renowned and early accomplishments dates back to 1916, when the National Park Service was established. Gottlieb (2005) notes how…

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  • Environmental Issues In China

    more and more severe. Environmental issues, such as air pollution, water pollution, decreasing biodiversity, and deforestation have become prominent in many regions of China. In recent years, haze has become a popular term among Chinese people, especially in north China. The environmental problems can be harmful to residents, animals, and plants. For example, water pollution can cause many healthy problems, such as dysentery, metal poisoning and air pollution leads to respiratory diseases.…

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  • Sustainability In The Anthropocene, By Manuel Arias-Maldonado

    Annotated Bibliography Topic: We live in a post-nature world but environmentalism is not dead. Arias-Maldonado, Manuel. "Rethinking Sustainability in the Anthropocene." Environmental Politics 22.3 (2013): 428-46. (Gabriella Monagan) In the article “Rethinking Sustainability in the Anthropocene,” political theorist Manuel Arias-Maldonado reframes the concept of sustainability and its socio-natural relationship to define a new form of environmentalism in the Anthropocene epoch. The rise of…

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  • A Fierce Green Fire Film Analysis

    destroying the environment. He also goes into detail about environmental movements and the accomplishments of these environmental movements. Kitchell’s film brought environmental awareness to the viewer through a series of environmental milestones and catastrophes. In Act One: Conservation, the film talks about conservation of nature. A company wanted to build a dam in the Grand Canyon, but the Sierra Club, an environmentalist group,…

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  • Industrial Revolution And Air Pollution

    sources of air and water pollution (history.com). By the middle of the twentieth century, the effects of these changes were beginning to be felt in countries around the world (history.com). Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970 (earthday.org). At the time, conservation was a big concern. The US government put lots of emphasis on protecting and managing America’s natural resources.…

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  • Rachel Carson Research Paper

    Abstract In the book, Silent Springs Ms. Rachel Carson began a new movement. Rachel Carson brought to light the many dangers pesticides such as DDT have on the environment, animals, and humans. This environmental movement offered new insight about the harm pesticides have on all living organisms. In Silent Spring Rachel Carson starts an environmental movement by informing the public of the dangers of pesticides, which causes a shift in views towards pesticides and the harm they do to the…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Going Green

    It is best to begin with means. Because with pollution, there are in fact no ends.” (119, Huber) If we begin to believe that there is no end to pollution then we have official given up on our future of the society, the ecosystem, and the earth. But if you “bother” then you have the power to convince others to do the same, because you can only lead by example (Pollan.) While there may always be individuals who oppose the going green movement, with varying excuses like not having the time. Terry…

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  • Summary Of Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

    threatening pesticides and chemicals that were being used all across the globe in the 1960’s. Rachel Carson spread awareness of various types of chemicals that large corporations had declared as perfectly safe, and she prevailed over the propaganda used by the companies. Rachel’s book, Silent Spring, lead to many environmental changes that took place in the chemical industry. Today, the teachings of Rachel Carson have influenced many environmentalists, and they have raised environmental…

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