Environmental science

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  • Environmental Science Personal Statement

    Women in International Development class after reading about Wangari Mathai’s life and how science was utilized as a means for empowering the poor and women as a result changing an entire country’s government. With encouragement from my professor and inspiration from Mathai, I decided to further explore an interdisciplinary education, leading me to my chosen field: environmental studies. Becoming a scientific diver changed my educational direction. The ocean took my breath away with its wide variety of life and showed me the many dimensions of the underwater world which created a special interest in me for the marine and coastal environmental fields. After spending…

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  • Reflection On Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center

    On Saturday April 25, at the Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center (LBVESC) we, all the students from government class, had to go and help clean up the trail for Paso del Indio. We had three different groups some were helping with the plants and cutting the grass, for myself I had a spading fork and we would have to pick up remains from trees or other plants and place them on a wheelbarrow, then another group would come and take it form a trail for the visitors. Besides all the…

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  • Environmental Issues In The Study Of Environmental Science

    Today in the year 2015 there are alarming factors impacting the Earth. In the study of environmental science, defined as “the study of how the natural world works, and how our environment affects us, and how we affect our environment (Withgott, 2012)”, takes a deeper look in how we can improve our world by changing our ways of living. Environmental issues such as depleting natural recourses, harming ecosystems, using fossil fuels and population growth are major contributing factors in harming…

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  • Environmental Literacy Ladder Analysis

    What does it mean to you to be environmentally literate? To become environmentally literate a person must “Climb the Environmental Literacy Ladder” (What is Environmental Literacy, 2007). First s/he must be connected to nature; not just knowing about it, but also putting themselves in nature and being aware that they are a part of it. Once that connection is made one becomes more aware of all the aspects that are interconnected throughout the environment locally and globally. The more time…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am In Rocky Mountains

    of my time after school on homework. I not only spend so much time on homework because I take far too many honors classes but also because I enjoy learning. When not studying I cook for my family, run, and volunteer. I have ran cross country through out high school and it is one of my true passions. On the weekends I tend to spend time with my family by hiking, attending a sporting event, or just watching a few movies. I think the most important ongoing scientific question is--"how do we solve…

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  • Importance Of Human Experience

    provided me with more perspectives about the life experiences that students bring into their learning. I appreciate that every student will bring their own views, perspectives, opinions, experiences, and come from varied backgrounds. Sharing these experiences and perspectives in the context of the lessons enriches all of us to develop a richer, wider, and deeper understanding of the worldview and give a better understanding of how to apply ecological and sustainability principles to solve…

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  • John Dryzek Summary

    Throughout John Dryzek’s book, he explains discourse in terms of environmental science and its connection to policies, society, and the economy. He defines discourse as “a shared way of apprehending the world” and adds that discourses contain “representations and systems of meaning” (9). To understand a discourse means that you are able to build a story about a particular issue by drawing the pieces of information available. Environmental discourse is then the conversation or debate on the…

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  • Topmix Permeable Concrete Analysis

    The warmer weather has caused all flower populations to decline. Relevance to Environmental Science Environmental science studies human interactions with the environment. One of the most prominent effects of human interaction is climate change, which affects all other living organisms on earth. This article is an example of the effects of climate change on bees. As the bees’ tongues shrink, all the bees will only be able to collect nectar from a smaller selection of flowers. It shows how the…

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  • MPG Ranch Project Analysis

    Although the group as a whole preaches to be a conservation group, I tend to see them somewhere in between conservation and preservation. The group 's overall goal of preserving land for future generations is an idea that directly mirrors the goals of conservationists. Also, the ranch is economically focused on using the land directly for human use. However, this is where I think the comparisons start because I feel that many of their environmental philosophies mirror very closely with Arne…

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  • Sustainable Education: Environmental Education And Sustainability In Schools

    Environmental Education & Sustainability in Schools Many school districts are debating whether or not to include some form of environmental education in their curriculum. Environmental education not only benefits student health and knowledge, but encourages them to develop into citizens who are prepared to make a positive impact in local and global communities. According to the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Environmental education is a process that allows individuals…

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