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  • Sir John Murray: The Father Of Oceanography

    Research Paper John Murray like most scientists was not really appreciated while he was an alive but his discoveries were a major help after he died. He lived in a time that scientific discoveries were plentiful so it was extremely east for something like the study of oceanography to be overlooked. His discoveries lead to him being called the father of Oceanography (Sir John Murray-Founder of Oceanography). He was born in Canada in 1841 to Scottish parents. He soon moved to Edinburgh, Scotland as a young boy and spent his days studying at Stirling High School. He then enrolled in Edinburgh University. He ended up dying in the same town as he was struck by a motorcar crossing Fredrick Street in 1914. He died not knowing that his life’s…

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  • Oceanography Exam Answers

    * The follow test answers are the result of my own work and did not involve discussion or assistance from others. ________________ [your signature] Oceanography 201 Spring 2016 [120 pts.] Name: Wainani Wetter Final Exam Complete the following sentences with the correct term [20 pts. / 1 pt. each] DEAD ZONE a). The lack of oxygen in ocean regions creates ____ conditions. ISOHALINE b). A ___ represent the vertical concentration of salt in the ocean. EKMAN SPIRAL c). The speed of a wave is…

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  • Oceanography Essay

    During the 1870s scientists collected seawater samples from the seas of the world from varying depths to see if the oceans were in fact similar in some way or another. When these samples were analyzed they were actually found to be quite similar, almost identical. This finding sparked great interest in the topic of oceanography which was up to this point in history largely unexplored and in other words unexplainable. Even in today’s world the ocean is largely unexplored, we are learning new…

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  • Global Sea Level Essay

    Calving is described as a ‘natural event’, which produces icebergs by rifting, usually caused by meltwater ponding (Davies, 2014). Calving is also a result of the “formation of large crevasses” which occur as a result of the warming ocean thinning the ice shelves (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2016). While they play an important role in calving, melt ponds have also been linked to the ‘disintegration’ mode of ice shelf breakups, with studies observing that ice shelves with melt ponds…

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  • The Characteristics Of Epiphany In Miles Walk's Miles Journey

    Throughout Miles’ journey, Miles becomes more appreciative, for his and others’ life. While walking on the beach, Miles observes a seashell and has an epiphany, “Those shells, as unique and timeless as bones, helped me realize, that in the life on Earth, we are houseflies, here for one flash of light,” (45). Miles’ epiphany is that his life on earth will not last forever. After his “one flash of light,” he will be gone. Humans only get one chance to live on earth and Miles realizes he needs to…

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  • Ocean Acidification And The Effects Of Global Warming

    Many can probably guess that lethal coal mines, the offshore drilling explosions and the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill as being a principal culprit of ocean acidification but have you ever thought that global warming actually has a much larger role in ocean acidification than we think? That is why we need to be educated on what ocean acidification is, what are the effects of ocean acidification, who are the ones being mostly affected, and how can we resolve this issue. According to NOAA…

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  • The Effects Of Plastic Affecting The Oceans

    Plastic Overtaking the Oceans In a study conducted by UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), they found that “8 million metric tons of plastic” are added to the oceans pollution each year. Recently, plastic pollution has been become a predominant problem in the environmental society; however plastic production and pollution has been on the rise since the nineties. Plastic is overwhelming the world, because it is not biodegradable, meaning it can…

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  • Allegory And Symbolism In The Ocean, By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    The Ocean "The Ocean" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne was published in 1833. This poem describes the ocean and the symbolism that the ocean has. Being written over a century ago, this poem still describes the ocean as it stands today. The ocean is a very difficult place to conquer. It is always changing and is never the same. Hawthorne demonstrates these attributes to the ocean throughout his poem while giving in to a deeper meaning. Nathaniel Hawthorne is a very well-known author. One of…

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  • Causes Of Marine Pollution

    Marine Pollution: Causes There are many observable attributes in which we can classify the various types of marine pollution. Marine Pollution is a major setback and not only hampers the marine species but also is passed on to the land animals as well. Sea water covers around 2/3rd of the planet, which plays an important role in maintaining the essential biological and ecological balance. There has been increasing amount and the various kinds of waste products which originates from expanding…

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  • The Importance Of Ocean Cleaning

    Ocean Cleaning The ocean is a vast place that contains a huge quantity of water, and it represents about 71% of the earth's outer shell, and it is mostly unexplored. 1 In the ocean, there are many species that live in an organized system in which each type consumes what is weaker. How can we live with the guilt of polluting this environment? Human beings have always been ignorant and irresponsible toward what endanger other creatures. For example, people use easier, but more dangerous ways…

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