Who Is John Murray The Father Of Oceanography

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John Murray like most scientists was not really appreciated while he was an alive but his discoveries were a major help after he died. He lived in a time that scientific discoveries were plentiful so it was extremely east for something like the study of oceanography to be overlooked. His discoveries lead to him being called the father of Oceanography (Sir John Murray-Founder of Oceanography). He was born in Canada in 1841 to Scottish parents. He soon moved to Edinburgh, Scotland as a young boy and spent his days studying at Stirling High School. He then enrolled in Edinburgh University. He ended up dying in the same town as he was struck by a motorcar crossing Fredrick Street in 1914. He died not knowing that his life’s
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He had many preferences and passions as a kid. He saw the ocean as a place to explore and this pushed him to look out for new ways to document it. Because of this he was able to take part in the Challenger Expedition. The Challenger Expedition was the first of its kind. It gathered all types of marine life that was just being seen for the first time. They learned the basics like what temperatures of the ocean in certain spots were and along with it all they learned of oceanic currents (Dive and Discover). They also were able to identify 4,000 new types of marine life (Sir John Murray-the Founder of Modern Oceanography). After they got back from the expedition Sir Wyville Thomson started to write a 50-volume Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger but started to come down with stress and eventually died. He left the job of finishing it all to his assistant John Murray. This was one of his major contributions to helping identify more on the ocean (Sir John Murray | biography). Because of the information such as how deep it got in some places it allowed some younger kids that planed on eventually heading out to search the ocean floor and its depths to outfit their equipment to handle all of the pressure that is needed to hold so it wouldn’t cave in. He took great pride in finding out about the Deep-Sea Deposits and how the Coral Reef formed (Sir John Murray | biography). This gave him …show more content…
But after he died they started to appreciate what he did to further search of the ocean. At the University of Edinburgh after he died they named one of their new laboratories that they made in his name (Sir John Murray-the Founder of Modern Oceanography). Prior to his and Thompson’s searches of the ocean very little was know about it and its great depths. But up until now scientists have made discoveries that they never thought possible such as exploring the Mariana Trench to see if any life was down that deep (as deep as the Himalayas are tall). People use to think less and less things existed the farther you went down but seafaring robots have proven this wrong (Mustain, B.). Even after seeing all of this there is still so much that has been unexplored by humans and who knows what we will

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