Challenger expedition

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  • Who Is John Murray The Father Of Oceanography

    He had many preferences and passions as a kid. He saw the ocean as a place to explore and this pushed him to look out for new ways to document it. Because of this he was able to take part in the Challenger Expedition. The Challenger Expedition was the first of its kind. It gathered all types of marine life that was just being seen for the first time. They learned the basics like what temperatures of the ocean in certain spots were and along with it all they learned of oceanic currents (Dive and Discover). They also were able to identify 4,000 new types of marine life (Sir John Murray-the Founder of Modern Oceanography). After they got back from the expedition Sir Wyville Thomson started to write a 50-volume Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger but started to come down with stress and eventually died. He left the job of finishing it all to his assistant John Murray. This was one of his major contributions to helping identify more on the ocean (Sir John Murray | biography). Because of the information such as how deep it got in some places it allowed some younger kids that planed on eventually heading out to search the ocean floor and its depths to outfit their equipment to handle all of the pressure…

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  • Charles Darwin Research Paper

    resort for failures in rich families. Charles did not care much at all about his ministry studies and spent most of his time with young sportsmen. At Cambridge, Charles began to meet many scientists. Daily, the scientists would encourage Charles to study natural history. A botanist by the name of John Steven Henslow was a particular influence on Charles. Henslow assisted Charles in his struggle with low self-esteem. When 1831 rolled around Charles received his B.A. He had become a lot more…

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  • Dodge Challenger Personality

    There are many ways were a person can tell what kind of personality they might have by just looking at the car they drive. People who want to feel powerful drive vehicles with a lot of horsepower and performance. A Dodge Challenger is a great example of this. People can feel powerful in different ways. For example people want to feel like they can do anything they might drive a Ford Raptor that is capable of doing almost anything. Then there is people that don’t care about their vehicle. Some…

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  • Essay On The Black Bean Attack

    The black bean episode, or the black bean lottery, was the result of the Mier expedition. Alexander Somervell had led his militia to raid border towns, such as Guerrero and Laredo, and decided to quit due to the fear of a deadly clash with Mexican troops. Only 189 troops listened to his orders and went on the long journey back home. Over three hundred troops continued on their journey with their new leader, William S. Fisher. The Texans decided to cross the Rio Grande River and enter the town…

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  • Nicias And The Importance Of Persuasive Leadership Analysis

    Nicias and the Importance of Persuasive Leadership How did Nicias fail to convince the Athenian assembly that the Sicilian Expedition was a strategic error? His arguments, while valid and logical, are not sufficient to win over the assembly to undo their vote of war. Not only does Thucydides have incomplete information about these events, but Thucydides’ prior knowledge of Nicias’s failure colors the way he reconstructs Nicias’s ineffective arguments against war. Nicias attempts to dissuade the…

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  • Randy Lovelace: Women In The Space Industry

    program. Her work, however, was not useful in creating what would become possibly the most influential group in NASA’s history. They needed no recruiting and no encouragement. Anna Fisher, Shannon Lucid, Kathryn Sullivan, Rhea Suddon, Judy Resnik, and Sally Ride: the first six women astronauts to be employed by NASA. They became known as “The New Guys” in an almost ironic way. Ride would be the first American woman in space in 1983 while Sullivan would be the first American woman to…

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  • Examples Of Engineering Disasters

    Engineering Disasters Engineers. The minds behind the scenes. From buildings to machinery they are responsible for maintaining the safety, performance, and every other aspect of the object. However, what happens if the engineer makes a mistake? Does it go unnoticed? Most likely not. Many engineering disasters have occurred over the course of recorded history. The Hindenburg, Space Shuttle Challenger, and Space Shuttle Columbia are examples of engineering disasters that resulted in…

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  • The Importance Of The Endurance Expedition

    • In what context should the Endurance expedition be analyzed? As a scientific endeavor? An entrepreneurial venture? An exercise in imperial opportunity? By what criteria should the expedition be evaluated? Given your answer to the preceding question, was it a success or a failure? The Endurance expedition fits in all three contexts of imperial, scientific and entrepreneurial. Ernest Shackleton used his journalist contacts in order to promote the expedition. Shackleton was not able to…

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  • Summary: An Analysis Of Thomas Jefferson's Dilemmas

    Jefferson’s Dilemma The United States history thus so far, is full of many bargains but one of the most controversial and beneficial bargains is the Louisiana Purchase. This bargain occurred back in the 1800s of which the President Thomas Jefferson was able to undertake the deal of the century. This bargain initiated when Jefferson wanted to purchase New Orleans because France was enforcing stricter regulations therefore, making it difficult for American settlers to trade in that particular…

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  • Louisiana Purchase Advantages

    Jefferson stated that the purpose of the expedition was for, “… extending the external commerce of the United States.”(Hart 81) The United States benefited from this expedition because this new knowledge of the land would aid both trade and strategy. This expedition proved in much avail to the United States when the Louisiana Purchase was offered. The Louisiana Purchase states, “The inhabitants of the ceded territory shall be incorporated in the Union of the United States…

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