Dawson Massacre

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  • Essay On The Black Bean Attack

    The black bean episode, or the black bean lottery, was the result of the Mier expedition. Alexander Somervell had led his militia to raid border towns, such as Guerrero and Laredo, and decided to quit due to the fear of a deadly clash with Mexican troops. Only 189 troops listened to his orders and went on the long journey back home. Over three hundred troops continued on their journey with their new leader, William S. Fisher. The Texans decided to cross the Rio Grande River and enter the town of Mier. When they got there, they demanded a week’s supply of rations for 1200 soldiers, although they only had around a quarter of that number. To insure they got their supplies, they held the town’s alcalde (which is kind of like a Mexican mayor) Francisco Perez, captive. On Christmas Eve, though, they did not receive their supplies. Finally, on Christmas morning, a local sheep herder informed them that an army of about 700 Mexican soldiers had entered Mier. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Texans decided to attack. Leaving about 40 men to guard their horses and supplies, Fisher led roughly 260 men towards the Mexican force. By nightfall, they had reached the outskirts of the town, only to be discovered by the Mexican cavalry. The Mexicans only fired a few clumsy shots at the Texans and galloped into the town. Their presence detected, Fisher and his troops charged into Mier, but they were quickly halted by two six-pounder cannons in the square. Slowly coming deeper into…

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  • Analysis Of Dawson's Creek

    SUMMARY Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot: Joey and Dawson, the two best friends, are beginning to see the effects of the emerging development. Joey makes states that they can no longer have their sleepovers, as to salvage their friendship. Throughout the episode, Dawson is seen working on an amateur movie with his two friends, Pacey and Jen. Despite his love form film making, Dawson’s mind is soon filled with thoughts of Jen: the new girl who just moved into town from New York. It is then that we…

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  • The Importance Of Dropping A Class At Dawson College

    not start Cegep at Dawson College, I am truly glad to be finishing here. Dawson College has changed my attitude towards school in so many ways. The rules at Dawson show how much they honestly care about their students. There are some incredible teachers at Dawson who want you to succeed. Some students’ attitudes have a great effect on others. Before attending Dawson College, I went to John Abbott for one year and a half. I found it hard to succeed at John Abbott. They made it very easy for me…

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  • The Montreal Massacre Analysis

    School shootings are something that we know about, in Canadian history they are something we aren 't oblivious to. The Montreal Massacre significantly affected Canada in terms of equality, justice and safety. Numerous individuals had differentiating perspectives on the massacre that took place. Many questions were raised: Why did Marc Lépine shoot and murder fourteen women, while leaving the men alive? Why was Lépine yelling "You’re all feminists?", yet shooting at women who guaranteed they…

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  • A Few Good Men Film Analysis

    A Few Good Men, is a portrayal of a military courtroom where Privet Dawson and Downey are on trial for killing a colleague, Private Santiago. Milgram wrote "The Perils of Obedience ", which describes his experiment where there is a teacher and leaner. The teacher, the actual subject, shocks the learner for every wrong answer. The volts of electricity start at 15 increasing to 450. Kelman and Hamilton wrote "My Lai Massacre" which recounts the trial and thoughts of Lieutenant Calley, the only…

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  • Obedience In The Film: A Few Good Men

    of what happened came out of a sense of entitlement. An article titled “The My Lai Massacre: A Military Crime of Obedience,” written by Herbert Kelman and Lee Hamilton, debates the My Lai massacre, the authority figures there, and orders given as well as the causes for or situations in which a massacre…

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  • Olaudah Equiano Fact Or Fiction

    Fact or Fiction: The Effects of Misrepresentation Literature appears in many forms from fiction to non-fiction to memoirs with each providing a different purpose for the intended reader. Often, authors will write their memoirs in order to give the reader new knowledge of events through personal experience rather than to entertain them as a folk tale might. Consequently, those in search of gaining knowledge through personal experience on a particular event will most likely choose to evaluate the…

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  • Summary: The Rape Of Nanking

    The Rape of Nanking The Rape of Nanking was a horrific and brutal massacre. It shows the world’s failure to acknowledge the cruel acts of people who take advantage of their ranks in government, meaning this went on for six weeks, thousands of people were killed, and no other countries even noticed or helped all of those people. is a human rights violation because pretty much all of the human rights were violated especially 3-5. “Article 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Museum Of Fine Art

    I followed the historical Freedom Trail to the Old State House built in 1713 and also where the site of the Boston Massacre took place that was just outside the building. It was a vital and key location for the formation of our city where several great Patriots gathered to start what we now have today. Arriving at this historical landmark, I grew interest to want to go inside and learn even more of this beautiful city. I was amazed with how I was able to walk in the same building that John…

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  • The Boston Massacre: A Historical Analysis

    The Boston Massacre shouldn’t have been called a massacre since only a total of five people killed in the event. The word “massacre” indicates the brutal slaughtering of a large numbers of people. The Boston Massacre was more like a riot than a massacre, but it was called a massacre by the use of propaganda. The Boston Massacre Historical Society clarifies that “Paul Revere wasted no time in capitalizing on the Massacre to highlight British tyranny and stir up anti-British sentiment among his…

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