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  • Buddhism Experience

    On Sunday September 13th, Camryn, Airi and I went to a Buddhist service at Honpa Honwanji Mission of Hawaii [(808) 522- 9200] located in Nu’uanu. The service started at 10:00 am and ended at 11:00 pm. This was my very first time going to a religious service outside of school and it was a really good experience. If it weren’t for this project, I don’t think I would have ever considered going to a service. It was really interesting and now I able to be able to see the differences and similarities between Christianity/Episcopalian and Buddhism. The service opened with the “Call to Worship”. This is where the priests entered the room and we chanted the Vandana and Ti- Sarana. This is an ancient chant, where the people express their praise to the Buddha (Vandana) and take refuge in the Three Treasures (Ti- Sarana). The first verse of the Vandana and the Ti- Sarana are sung in Pali, an Indian language that many Buddhist scriptures were written in. The second is sung in English and is chanted slowly. When they first started chanting this, I…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Trip To The Field

    the cheers die down we take a little intermission for ourselves to grab some drinks. By the time we get back to our seats the score was seven to seventeen, we were winning. It nears halftime and Purdue makes two more touchdowns putting the score at twenty-one to seventeen. We weren’t worried because the ball would be ours after halftime and were sure we could get the points we needed. This brings us to halftime! We watch the band perform a series of Bruno Mars’s songs, it was much better than…

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  • Renaissance Music Influence

    instruments have been proven through writings and artifacts. Music passed on through teachers to their students; learning music could therefore be equated with learning any other skill. Rosanne Ambrose-Brown, an author, said, “We know an age more vividly through its music than through its historians.” Sometimes music can more clearly represent an age in history than the historical facts themselves. In the latter centuries of this era, the church played a key part in the development of…

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  • The Secretary Chant: Poem Analysis

    As a literature lover, I spent a lot of time understanding what these poems are trying to say, and I enjoyed reading every single of them. As far as evaluating each of these poems, I need to say that the meaning of "The Secretary Chant" was pretty straight forward from my understanding. The poem reveals how the career of a secretary has taken away her life to the extent that she has forgotten herself as a woman. Moreover, because of the way the poet described her situation, we can realize that…

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  • Music Response Essay

    The songs I choose are Drupad Indian music; Georgian chanting; troubadour music; Handel: Messiah, Hallejuah Chorus; Bob Dylan, Like The Rolling Stone; Glass: koyaanisqatsi section and John Luther Adams: The Light that fills the world The Dhrupad music is chanting Vedic hymns and mantras. In the background there is string instrument playing in lower sound than the chanting completing it. It can be used as prayer, meditation and yoga. The Georgian Chant is liturgical music chanted in the church…

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  • Music And Gamelan Music

    species” (Music moves the world: The power and passion of rhythm, melody, and dance [Video file]. (2004). Through the use of rhythm and melody, we as humans use music as a way to express ourselves. Even before birth, we had our first sense of rhythm, our mother’s heartbeat. Music helps give form to our emotions and allows us to pass on cultural knowledge to future generations. It also opens up our souls, allows us to present our moral values, and helps us unite with one another. There are…

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  • Analysis Of The Secretary Chant By Marge Piercy

    support that they need in the workplace this is why women have struggles with finding their identity in the workplace. The speaker in "the secretary chant" describes herself as an overworked machine. The speaker feels much trapped in the workplace and has a sense of feeling overwhelmed with her job. The speaker In Marge Piercy’s "the secretary chant” makes the use of metaphors a lot in the poem. The speaker says "My Hips are a desk/ from my ears hang chain of paper clips/Rubber bands…

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  • Balinese Monkey Chant: A Cultural Analysis

    What does a businessman riding the subway in Tokyo have in common with a man performing a Balinese Monkey Chant? At first glance they may seem totally unrelated, but in fact it is the way they learned such behaviors that links them together. People’s behavior and knowledge is constantly influenced by their environment. In turn, these changes in knowledge or behavior result in learning. Baraka explores over 24 countries and cultures that overall demonstrate this concept. While Baraka’s raw…

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  • Sacred Music In The Middle Ages

    Music can be traced all the way back to 500 B.C. when Pythagoras experimented with sounds and discovered tones can be formed from plucking strings. During the Middle Ages is when music began to be considered a gift from God. A common way to praise and worship our God was through music; this is how sacred music came about. Soon later, sacred music eventually was overcome by secular music, which is more along the lines of crusades, dancing, and love songs and less of the more religious and…

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  • Analysis Of Gradual Viderunt Omnes

    The chant melody is from the setting of the Gradual Viderunt Omnes from the Mass for Christmas Day. The original piece features a soloist that performs the psalm verse which alternates with a choir that sings the respond. This verse is extremely ornate, and the respond is also very melismatic. It is the only part of the Mass for Christmas Day that is in mode 5. Because of its highly melismatic nature, it was viewed as an appropriate candidate for future composers to base new works off of with…

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