Descriptive Essay: A Trip To The Field

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As we walked through the middle of campus on a humid Sunday, September sixth, we see multiple people from Purdue everywhere, walking through campus with us. They were taking pictures at our Marshall sign and also at the memorial fountain. We overhear some people quietly talking about how they were also going to go to the memorial of the crash to pay their respects and we thought that was unbelievably nice of them to do. It made us feel like we were all a family, and made me feel proud to go to a school that’s this warm and kind to people that aren’t from here, and that they are as just as kind to us. We arrived at the crowded stadium, already smelling the aroma of soft pretzels and buttery popcorn then we walked around back to the student gate. I was sure we had to have set a record for Marshall’s attendance because the …show more content…
It was extremely fun and by the time we got really into it, the wave suddenly stopped, drawing everyone’s attention to the field. Marshall makes a touchdown!! They put us back in the lead. As we intercepted the ball, the family behind us got so furious they left. Then in the midst of all the cheering, we made another touchdown, making it impossible for Purdue to even tie. The whole stadium went crazy, there was endless screaming and cheering as the tears built up in my eyes. We were overwhelmed with excitement and I honestly haven’t been as estatic as I was in that moment in a long time. After we calm down we gather our stuff and pick up all of our trash. We make our way out of the stadium and as if the chanting in the stadium wasn’t enough, people started chanting outside of the game too. We walk back through campus, and take a moment to appreciate how proud we are to be here and how much we love it. Because win or lose, we are a family, and one of the best families to be a part of. I love being one of the

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