Personal Narrative Essay: Observing The Super Bowl

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Wilson dropping back. They are doing a slant play. He throws it to my guy, Chris Matthews. I step in front of him and I intercept the ball! I saved the Super Bowl! We are the Super Bowl champions! The offense goes out on the field. We have 20 seconds, and we run a fake play. They go offsides, and we go to the five yard line. We knee the ball, and the biggest fight breaks out. There was a penalty on the Seahawks. We go to the 10 yard line and knee, and the time runs out.
We all rush on to the field. My ears were ringing like a bell. I got interviewed by a few reporters. They asked me how I knew what they were doing, and I said that I studied game film and saw them stacked, and I knew one of the wide receivers was coming in. I intercepted the ball. As we were on the float, we get the trophy, and we went into the locker room happy and it was time to fly home. Everybody was so happy we won the Super Bowl!

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We are on the 5 yard line. I saw Julian Edelman score! It's time for the defense to go on the field. The Seahawks don't have much time to score. They are driving down the field. I had gotten beat one time on a pass play. As they are driving down the field, they are getting close to scoring. I am getting worried. They are on the one yard line! I am just thinking back to my high school and college days. I remember all the plays I had made, and I remember how far I have come to make it to the NFL, and how far our team has come to get to the Super Bowl. I know this isn't our time to go home without a Super Bowl win, without a Vince Lombardi trophy. I think back to the losses we have had in the season and how we beat the Ravens and the Colts in the playoffs. I know that we aren't leaving here with a loss on the

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