Gregorian chant

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  • Renaissance Music Influence

    instruments have been proven through writings and artifacts. Music passed on through teachers to their students; learning music could therefore be equated with learning any other skill. Rosanne Ambrose-Brown, an author, said, “We know an age more vividly through its music than through its historians.” Sometimes music can more clearly represent an age in history than the historical facts themselves. In the latter centuries of this era, the church played a key part in the development of music, for musical customs began growing in catholic monasteries. Afterwards, Gregorian Chants were created based on Biblical texts. These chants received their title after the renowned Pope Gregory I. These songs singled in on one note with some notes around it. They would be sung in Latin and often be a prayer. Some sung often today are entitled Panis Angelicus, Ave Maria, and Con te Partiro. Simple chants and melodies were simply the start of what would be an incredible experience for people in that time and many centuries into the future. During the Medieval/Gothic period from the ninth to fourteenth centuries, music began appearing in written form and could therefore be proficiently communicated. The church demanded to have written music, so most of the songs printed were church songs. Again, in this scenario, church seems to have authority over state, as seen countless times throughout history. Differences arose through the singing, with the title Organum.…

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  • Music And Gamelan Music

    species” (Music moves the world: The power and passion of rhythm, melody, and dance [Video file]. (2004). Through the use of rhythm and melody, we as humans use music as a way to express ourselves. Even before birth, we had our first sense of rhythm, our mother’s heartbeat. Music helps give form to our emotions and allows us to pass on cultural knowledge to future generations. It also opens up our souls, allows us to present our moral values, and helps us unite with one another. There are…

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  • Music Response Essay

    The songs I choose are Drupad Indian music; Georgian chanting; troubadour music; Handel: Messiah, Hallejuah Chorus; Bob Dylan, Like The Rolling Stone; Glass: koyaanisqatsi section and John Luther Adams: The Light that fills the world The Dhrupad music is chanting Vedic hymns and mantras. In the background there is string instrument playing in lower sound than the chanting completing it. It can be used as prayer, meditation and yoga. The Georgian Chant is liturgical music chanted in the church…

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  • Buddhism Experience

    On Sunday September 13th, Camryn, Airi and I went to a Buddhist service at Honpa Honwanji Mission of Hawaii [(808) 522- 9200] located in Nu’uanu. The service started at 10:00 am and ended at 11:00 pm. This was my very first time going to a religious service outside of school and it was a really good experience. If it weren’t for this project, I don’t think I would have ever considered going to a service. It was really interesting and now I able to be able to see the differences and…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Trip To The Field

    the cheers die down we take a little intermission for ourselves to grab some drinks. By the time we get back to our seats the score was seven to seventeen, we were winning. It nears halftime and Purdue makes two more touchdowns putting the score at twenty-one to seventeen. We weren’t worried because the ball would be ours after halftime and were sure we could get the points we needed. This brings us to halftime! We watch the band perform a series of Bruno Mars’s songs, it was much better than…

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  • Pope Gregory I: Conversion In The Early Medieval Christian World

    and Miracles of St. Benedict, The Book of Pastoral Rule, and many others. The Book of Pastoral Rule became one of the most important books written by Gregory because it, according to Bede, “set forth in the clearest manner what sort of persons should be chosen to rule the Church and how these rulers ought to live; with how much discrimination they should instruct different types of listeners and how earnestly they ought each day to reflect in their own frailty.” Gregory’s most important…

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  • Sacred Music In The Middle Ages

    Music can be traced all the way back to 500 B.C. when Pythagoras experimented with sounds and discovered tones can be formed from plucking strings. During the Middle Ages is when music began to be considered a gift from God. A common way to praise and worship our God was through music; this is how sacred music came about. Soon later, sacred music eventually was overcome by secular music, which is more along the lines of crusades, dancing, and love songs and less of the more religious and…

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  • Baroque Music

    commonly referred to as Gregorian chant. It is called this because it is unaccompanied, monophonic, hence the word “plain” and it is called “Gregorian” because during this time Pope Gregory I collected and systemized basic chants for church services which were fairly recitative. Music was primarily driven by the church. The texture of this music was all monophonic. There was no clear pulse or rhythm because there was no way to notate it when the music was written down. A notation they did have…

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  • Similarities Between The Renaissance And The Middle Ages

    classes was extremely obvious. Lower class workers would wear linen. Upper classes would wear silk and velvet. The gowns that the women wore would be tight up top and the skirt would hang down to their feet. Showing necklines was fashionable during this time. Petticoats were also a fashionable item to wear during the Renaissance. Men would wear a dress shirt, trousers, and hose on most occasions. Throughout the changes and technological advances during this time, the music also changed. The…

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  • Essay On A Cappella

    This style of singing came to be known as a cappella, meaning, "of the church" or "in the style of the church" in Italian. At the time, instruments were not considered appropriate for catholic masses, so any music was done in chant - a chorus that would sing religious texts. When most people think of chant, they think of Gregorian chant, which normally had one melodic line with no harmonies. There are plenty of different forms of chant however that developed simultaneously and over time with…

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