An Essay On The Importance Of Music

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Music is an art form that we as humans listen to because it engages our brains. It gives us a sense of euphoria, much like a drug. Throughout history, music has always played a large role in our lives, whether we recognized it or not. One reason we are attracted to music is because “it is the rhythm of the human species” (Music moves the world: The power and passion of rhythm, melody, and dance [Video file]. (2004). Through the use of rhythm and melody, we as humans use music as a way to express ourselves. Even before birth, we had our first sense of rhythm, our mother’s heartbeat. Music helps give form to our emotions and allows us to pass on cultural knowledge to future generations. It also opens up our souls, allows us to present …show more content…
One such example of a relaxing song comes from the Classical Period. The arrangement was written in the sonata-allegro form and composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The title of the arrangement is “Eine kleine Nachtmusic, III”. Not only can Classical music be used for relaxation, it can also be used for dance. Many arrangements, such as Haydn’s “Symphony No. 94, III”, could be used for ballroom type dancing. This particular arrangement has a bouncy flowing feeling and one can almost envision dancers on a ballroom floor when listening to it (Wright, C. M. …show more content…
When listening to, playing, or singing gospel music, I get a feeling of reassurance that there is a God and he is with me every day. That reassurance gives me peace in knowing that one day I will get to meet him face to face.
Like many others, I also use music to celebrate. Sometimes when we have a family get together we will break out our instruments and play music. We play many different genres, but for the most part they center around country, bluegrass, and gospel. After a music session, everyone seems to be in better spirits than before. Music seems to have a unique way to relieve the stress and tensions that have accumulated in our

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