Music And Gamelan Music

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Music is an art form that we as humans listen to because it engages our brains. It gives us a sense of euphoria, much like a drug. Throughout history, music has always played a large role in our lives, whether we recognized it or not. One reason we are attracted to music is because “it is the rhythm of the human species” (Music moves the world: The power and passion of rhythm, melody, and dance [Video file]. (2004). Through the use of rhythm and melody, we as humans use music as a way to express ourselves. Even before birth, we had our first sense of rhythm, our mother’s heartbeat. Music helps give form to our emotions and allows us to pass on cultural knowledge to future generations. It also opens up our souls, allows us to present …show more content…
One such composer was Peter Tchaikovsky. His composition of the tone poem “Romeo and Juliet” would be an example of music from this era. The arrangement follows the story line of Romeo and Juliet and displays their love for each other through the sounds of music. (Wright, C. M. (2014).
Music is also used to help us celebrate events, such as ceremonies, weddings, etc. Two such examples of music used for celebration are Mariachi music and Gamelan music. An example of Gamelan music would be the arrangement “Hujan Mas” and an example of Mariachi music would be “El burro”. Both arrangements have an upbeat tempo and a festive feeling which gives one a sense of happiness. Therefore, they are both good arrangements for celebratory events (Wright, C. M., 2014).
There is a multitude of purposes and roles of music in our lives and it is hard to list only a few. Music is used to help us display romance, to give us pleasure, to give us encouragement, it is used for worship, to help increase work productivity, and many
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Before taking this class I thought I knew a lot about music. After all, I have been in bands and playing different instruments for years, and I also have a good understanding of music theory. However, this class has proven those assumptions wrong. Through this class, I have discovered that music is much more than just singing and playing notes. It has played a very important part in our history. It was very interesting to study the different eras of music to see how they developed one from another, and how music was used and has evolved over the years. Prior to this class I had never considered the many roles and purposes that music plays in our lives. It was also very interesting to learn about the music of different cultures and religions and what roles music plays in their lives. This class has given me a new respect not only for the music, but also the composers who have created the beautiful sound of music for us to hear. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to take and participate in this class. My hope is that I will have the opportunity to share my experiences with someone else in the future to give them a better appreciation for

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